Sofia and Bulgaria, seen through the eyes of Free Sofia Tour guests. Interesting stories from the tour.

December 14, 2015
Private Kangoo Jump Tour Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки | Free Sofia Tour

Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки

English version here Кога за последно излязохте от зоната си на комфорт? Спокойно, и аз отдавна не го бях правила. Но благодарение на 11 холандеца, Сдружение 365 и едни kangoo jumps обувки, на 21 ноември не просто излязох от границите на  комфорта , а направо се изстрелях към звездите… почти буквално. Как започна Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки? Случайно, разбира се. Но нали най-яките неща са неочакваните. Как идеята за Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки се осъществи? И така, нашият координатор на Private Tours, Деси, ми съобщи, че се налага да направя тур с kangoo shoes обувки. Първоначалната ми реакция беше: “Ти шегуваш ли се?!” След няколко изображения в Google и 2-3 общообразователни клипа в youtube, бях тотално обезнадеждена за това начинание и тръгнах към мястото на срещата с абсолютната убеденост, че ще се пребия или ще колабирам от умора. На всичкото отгоре, не само че никога не се бях качвала на такива обувки, спортната ми форма по дифолт граничи с 0, ами и трябваше да водя тур […]
December 14, 2015
Private Kangoo Jump Tour Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки | Free Sofia Tour

Private Kangoo Jump Tour

За български кликнете тук When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone? Ages ago? Don’t worry, it is pretty much the same for me. But thanks to 11 Dutch guys, 365 Association and a pair of kangoo jumps shoes, on the 21st of November not only did I make a breakthrough but I set off towards the stars… almost literally. How did Private Kangoo Jump Tour begin? Well, accidentally of course. But we all know what they say, the best things happen to you when you least expect them. What happened during the first Private Kangoo Jump Tour? So when our Private Tours coordinator Dessi told me that I had to make a tour with a pair of kangoo jumps shoes, I told her: “You gotta be kidding me!” After a couple of images on Google and some videos on youtube, I was totally hopeless for the initiative and headed towards the meeting point with the absolute certainty that I would either fall down and break something, […]
December 4, 2014
Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour | Free Sofia Tour

Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour

Let’s start the month of the endless holidays in the best possible way, namely with the Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour! No matter that we work every single day of the year, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we are always eager to have parties in our spare time when we do not guide. The team of the tour is waiting for you with a bunch of surprises and presents. We will be glad to meet in person our numerous fans and friends. You will be able to meet the guides  and hear some of their interesting stories! Why not even take a picture with a guide or a guest of our tours! The event will take place on the 10th of December 2014, at 20.00h at Dada Bar, Benkovski Str. For those of you who arrive on time, there will be a welcome drink! Let’s get inflicted with the Christmas spirit together!  
November 7, 2014

Exciting guests at Free Sofia Tour

One of the coolest things about being a tour guide is the fact you get to meet people from all over the world and with a huge variety of backgrounds. As you share your stories with them, they also share theirs and so, in effect, it’s like you yourself are traveling, because you learn so much about other cultures and places. However, it is not every day that you get to meet someone, whose story turns out to be related to the history of your country. Whenever this happens, it brings an extra excitement, which is why I want to share my last such experience. After I finished the story of the Bulgarian royal family, two girls from the group approached me to share a rather interesting fact. Turns out they were actually quite familiar with the story I was telling as they are the great-great-granddaughters of Dimitar Stanchov (Dimitri Stancioff), a Bulgarian politician and diplomat who also served as the private secretary of Ferdinand I, the second monarch of […]
October 4, 2013

Free Sofia Tour Welcomes Guest Number 40,000

ЗА БЪЛГАРСКА ВЕРСИЯ, КЛИКНИ ТУК. The never stopping girls and boys of the Free Sofia Tour, the pilot project of the 365 Association, have just had the pleasure of welcoming and showing around their 40,000th guest. Apart from the fact that we’re always looking for reasons to celebrate and party, when we came to think about it, we realized this number is actually significant. To illustrate this point: 40,000 is 50 times the population of the Vatican (800 people), larger than the population of Monaco (32,409) and Liechtenstein (35,365). In order to visualise this more easily, 40,000 is the approximate capacity of our national stadium. Speaking about distance: cumulatively these 40,000 people have walked about 108,000 km (the average distance, covered by one tour being estimated at 2.7 km). 108,000 km equal 112 round trips on the Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Sofia route (959 km), over 48 trips around Bulgaria, if you’re going along the borders (total border length is 2,245 km), more than 8 times the borders of the European […]
October 4, 2013

Гост номер 40 000 на Фрий София Тур

FOR ENGLISH, CLICK HERE. Неуморните момичета и момчета от Фрий София Тур, първия проект на Сдружение 365, имаха удоволствието да посрещнат и разходят четиридесетхилядния си гост. Освен, че винаги си търсим поводи да празнуваме, като се замислихме, установихме, че това число всъщност е доста забележително. Какво имаме предвид? 40 000 души е 50 пъти повече от населението на Ватикана (800 души), повече от населението на Монако (32 409) и на Лихтенщайн (35 365). За  да ви е по-лесно да си ги представите – 40 000 души е приблизителният капацитет на Националния стадион „Васил Левски”. Ако нашите гости бяха жители на град в България, той щеше да е 26-ти по население, точно между Димитровград и Търговище. Ако трябва да говорим за разстояние: тези 40 000 души са изминали общо 108 000 км. (средното разстояние, което изминават гостите на обиколка е 2,7 км.). 108 000 км. са 1800 обиколки на Софийския околовръстен път (60 км.), което са 112 обиколки по маршрута София – Пловдив – Варна – София (959 км.), над 48 […]
June 20, 2013

World Refugee Day

Since 2001, by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, June 20 has been celebrated as World Refugee Day, coinciding with the African Refugee Day. Here in Bulgaria we host plenty of refugees and asylum seekers since we are an outer border of the EU. For the last ten years, on average, 1000 people per year have been filing an application for such a status. Most of them flee their countries of origin for political reasons. They are all looking for a peaceful place to settle down and quite a few of them recognize Bulgaria as such. Since February 2013, our Association together with the guides from Free Sofia Tour have been actively involved in showing our capital to the people applying for a refugee status, thus contributing to brightening up their everyday lives. This way we hope that no matter outcome of their application, they will all treasure the good memory of our country. The first tour with refugees and asylum seekers took place in February of this year and was led in […]
June 7, 2013

The Spring Training of 2013

It’s that time of the year again and, like everything else in the world, when spring arrives, the team of Free Sofia Tour likes to see new additions to its numbers. A total of 48 active and eager people were brave enough to tackle the two-and-a-half months long process. As usual, after the initial personal meeting, there were three separate stages that applicants had to survive. First of all, they had to join three different members of our team for three separate tours among the landmarks and intricacies of downtown Sofia. The purpose of this was basically for them to see how it’s done, what is a must, what is a can-do and what is a no-no. It might sound like easy as pie, but the fact is only sixteen people completed this stage successfully. The next hurdle was our exam mock tour of Sofia. At this stage fifteen of the above people (one went for an internship abroad but promised to return and resume his training) were joined by […]
April 16, 2013

April Charity Tour with Dreams Unlimited

As you may know, every 6th of the month donations from both our morning and evening tours would go for the so called Social Program of our Association. With the greatest part of the donations we are supporting the social home for disadvantaged children in the village of Doganovo near Sofia. We have bought various presents for them – sports shoes, special equipment for horse riding for the youngest kids, for Christmas we have organized a tour around Sofia, with dinner and theater performance afterwards, for the summer vacation we have invited them to Sofia Film Festival. One other project – part of the Social Program – is in cooperation with the teenagers from the social workshop Dreams Unlimited. The main goal of this workshop is to integrate children from various vulnerable groups and prepare them for the professional life. Since the teenagers live in rather isolated neighbourhoods in the suburbs of Sofia, the activities include meeting new and interesting people outside the usual environment of the children – including people from Free Sofia Tour. […]