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March 3, 2013
bulgaria national holiday

March 3 – Bulgaria’s National Holiday

Bulgaria’s National Holiday What are Bulgarians celebrating on third of march? On 3rd of March Bulgaria celebrates the anniversary of its Liberation from the five century-long Ottoman rule. It is also referred to as the date of the creation of the Third Bulgarian Tsardom. March 3 is a national holiday for Bulgaria and it was declared as such in 1978. On this day, in 1878, Russia and the Ottoman empire signed a preliminary peace treaty in San Stefano, a small village near Istanbul. The Peace Treaty of San Stefano puts an end to the Russo – Turkish war. This brings Bulgaria back on the political map. There are parades and celebrations throughout the country particularly solemn in cities where victorious battles of Russian and Bulgarian soldiers in the 1877-1878 Liberation War took place. It is one of the biggest holidays in the country. Together with the Unification Day and Independence Day.  3rd of March is officially a non-working day in Bulgaria. In Sofia, you could observe the ceremonies that takes place […]

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