March 9, 2014

7 fun facts about the Boris Garden in Sofia

How often do you pass by a park or a garden? You hang out with friends, sit on a bench drinking beer, or just lazily lie on the grass letting time fly? Have you ever wondered about the stories these places hide? Here are some fun facts about the biggest park in our capital to help you get to know it better (and also give you an extra topic for conversation during your next stroll along the blooming flower beds). 1. Initially, the Boris Garden was in the outskirts of Sofia but as the city grew rapidly the park ended up in the very center of Sofia. 2. The Boris Garden was built at the end of the 19th century. Its name went through a number of changes. First, it was Razsadnika (The Nursery Garden), then Pepiniera, Tzarigradskata gradina, Knyaz Borisovata gradina (The Prince Boris Garden) and The Freedom Park. 3. It was designed by a Swiss gardener who was brought all the way from Bucharest. 4. The plants for the Japanese Corner, which was made […]