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May 14, 2013

May Holidays

In case you’ve recently visited Sofia, maybe you’ve wondered where everybody is and why it is so calm and quiet. The answer is – we were all on vacation 🙂 For only two weeks we had a lot of holidays and events in Bulgaria. We started with May 1st – International Workers’ Day. Then we had one of the biggest Christian holidays – Easter. This year the Orthodox Easter was more than a month after the Catholic one. Orthodox Christians celebrated the holiday on May 5th. May 6th marked another big holiday – St. George’s Day which is also the Day of the Bulgarian Army. In the meantime, we also had parliamentary elections on May 12th. This led to a lot of people leaving Sofia and going to their home towns to vote. On the same date the concert of Depeche Mode in Sofia took place. And now May 14th will offer another great musical event – rock band Bon Jovi’s concert in Sofia! That being said, you can imagine a lot […]