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September 22, 2011
Independance Day of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Independence Day

When does Bulgaria celebrates its Independence Day? On 22nd of September Bulgaria celebrates the anniversary of the proclamation of independence from the Ottoman Empire. On that date Bulgaria became again a sovereign kingdom (tsardom). That’s why 22nd of September is a non-working day. Despite this fact, Free Sofia Tour would still be running. We would expect you every day, twice a day. History of Bulgaria’s Independence The Declaration of Independence is part of a long chain of events between the Liberation (1878) and the WWII (1945) which sometimes gets even well-informed observers confused. The fact that the Unification and the Independence are celebrated in the same month also doesn’t make things much easier. There’s a good article in Wikipedia on the today’s event so we won’t have to retell the story. However, in order to understand these events with all the political and military fighting, people should take a look at the whole period 1878-1945. Here are some milestones of our history during that period: San Stefano Treaty (1878) Berlin Congress (1878) […]

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