Free Sofia Tour's Blog

August 4, 2016

6 Facts we love about Israel

Very often on our tours people ask us which are the countries we’ve had the most visitors from. Of course, we’ve had guests from all over the world, but we do keep track of where each one of them is coming from. Since Free Sofia Tour is turning 6 in 10 days… We decided to check which are the 10 countries we’ve had most visitors from and share with you 6 interesting facts we love about each one of these countries in a series of blog posts. So, according to our latest statistics, number 10 is Israel with 2625 guests. And here are 6 interesting facts we love about the country! Fact about Israel №1: The country has the highest ratio per capita of college degrees.   Fact about Israel №2: Israel, the UK and New Zeland are the only three democracies in the world without a codified constitution. Fact about Israel №3: The country has the biggest number of museums per capita in the world. Fact №4: It is home […]

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