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June 3, 2013

The Rhodopes – Where Time Has Stopped

The Rhodope Mountains When was the last time that bird songs were the only sound around, your lungs were full of oxygen, and your eyes could not grasp the immensity of the sky with the snowy mountain peaks piercing through it on the horizon? Somewhere deep in the Rhodope mountains the clocks have stopped ticking. As if it is still the time when young boys and girls from times long forgotten were laughing around in the steep cobble stone streets, women were knitting socks on a bench in front of the church and men were gathering the goats from grazing.   Experiencing The Rhodopes There you can taste the past of a nation, you can breathe it; it can make you shudder. You start wondering whether to watch, take pictures, or just close your eyes and let the Universe pulsate in your chest. There your breath turns into eternity. You are alive! Have you just realized that? While taking a sip from the home-made strawberry juice or perhaps the red wine in the local roadside tavern, the stars laid […]