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December 23, 2011

Free things to do in Sofia

Sofia constantly ranks as the cheapest tourist city in Europe. We believe it offers really good value. According to calculations of PriceOfTravel, backpackers need around BGN 30 per day for their stay in Sofia. The city is actually the cheapest in the world apart from Southeast Asia and India. For travellers who are even more budget-conscious, we have collected some completely free things to make your stay in Sofia even cheaper. Here are the best free things to do in Sofia: Transportation Obviously, transport and accommodation are big items in any travel budget. A lot of people come to Sofia hitchhiking which means near-free travelling. The good news is that almost everything interesting in city is within walking distance and in the city you probably won’t need public transportation at all (except for things like Boyana Church or Vitosha). Accommodation Staying with a friend is the best option to get free accommodation. Keep in mind, though, that it’s a tradition here not to go empty-handed to a friend’s place. Any present, no […]