Frequently asked questions – F.A.Q.


1. Why free ? Why do you do it ? How do you get funded ?
The free English-language tour is a non-profit initiative, organized by people who love Sofia. Free Sofia Tour would like to give a warm welcome to everyone who decides to visit our city. We are open and curious folks who enjoy meeting new friends from all over the world. We would like to make you feel as if a friend of yours is showing you around, but this time, that friend had much more time to prepare and has actually done that before. Tours like that are common all over the world. Free Sofia Tour is an entirely independent non-profit organization that runs by donations. It's not the government or the municipality or some huge corporation. If you like the tour, you can leave a donation at the end of it. That's how we keep going every single day and how we pay all our expenses like government taxes, license fees, etc. We have many great ideas for new projects that would develop Bulgaria further as the tourist destination it deserves to be. Thank you in advance for all the support!
2. Who are you ?
Unlike some other free tours, our guides are only locals. Check out more info about them on our Team page. They have lived in the city most of their lives and would be able to tell you things about Sofia and Bulgaria in general that you cannot find in any travel book. They know plenty (if not all) about Sofia's history, culture, etc. and would also be able to help with any general or practical questions you have regarding your stay in our country.
3. Where would you take me ?
The tour covers the main sights in the city center. Given its rather limited duration (around 2 hours) the purpose is to highlight some of the best points of interest. This would give you the possibility to choose if you would like to explore any of them further. Or fill the gaps if you have visited them randomly before the tour. Check out our Map for more comprehensive information about the stops.
4. What if the weather is bad ?
Are you scared of a few drops of rain? We are not. Snow or shine we would be there waiting for you. If the weather requires it, we might even bring an additional umbrella, a blanket, a flask with warm tea or some other cold-fighting device. We also consider changes to the route and duration considering guests' comfort. We have done tours at -10 °C as well as blistering sun.
5. What if I am the only visitor ?
Then you would be lucky to have your own private tour with someone to show your around Sofia.
6. What if I am late for the tour ?
The tours usually start around five minutes later than the hours stated on hour website, because we are waiting for all people to come. In case you miss us, you might catch up with us on the way. Our first stop is Sveta Nedelya Church. Or just give us a call at: +359988920461 to check exactly where we are.
7. What if I am coming with a bigger group (10+ people) ?
Please contact us in advance at or +359988920461
8. Is there a lot of walking involved ?
The main tourist attractions in Sofia are conveniently located in the very city centre (with some exceptions, of course). The total distance that we cover is about 3,2 km (2 miles) and we do it with quite a relaxed pace so you shouldn't worry.
9. Is there gonna be an afterparty ?
The tour ends in front of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. If we have time, we might come with you to grab a bite or a drink depending on your preferences. That's not part of the official tour, though. Even if we don't have the time that particular day, we would be able to recommend the best places to continue your stay in Sofia.
10. Is the tour suitable for children ?
As long as they can keep up with the group, they are more than welcome. Just keep in mind that unfortunately Sofia is not very baby-transport-friendly - a lot of stairs, a lot of damaged pavement, a lot of construction sites.
11. Is the tour wheelchair accessible ?
Unfortunately, Sofia is not very wheelchair-friendly, either - lots of stairs, a lot of damaged pavement, lots of construction sites, and not a lot of facilities for wheelchairs. Having said that, it is still doable. However, it will require extra effort and might be challenging at times.
12. What if I have to leave before the end ?
Don't worry about that. We won't be insulted. Just please let us know so that we don't think you got lost or something. Besides, you can also join the rest of the tour some other time.
13. Do you stop for any breaks ?
The tour is not that long and we usually stop for breaks only as an exception. There are a couple of places where you can take a seat while listening to our stories, also a couple of taps with drinking water and some options for a toilet. Please let us know if you have to make a stop but keep in mind that we cannot keep the whole group waiting too much.
14. Do I need to make a reservation ?
No. That's one of the best things about Free Sofia Tour. You just have to show up at the meeting spot and meet one of our team members with a badge and a huge sign saying Free Sofia Tour. As simple as that. Every day, despite any bad weather or public holidays. Please only let us know in advance if you are coming with a bigger group (10+ people).