Best tour we ever did! This Tour is an absolute must-do while staying in Sofia. Martin, our tourguide, was so incredible nice and his way of showing us the city and telling stories and the historical background of places was just awesome! Everyone was able to feel his love for history and the city of Sofia.
The places we visited were well selected and within these 2 hours we went to see everything important. It was nice to have someone tell all the interesting tiny facts about the monuments and people.
I recommend doing this tour highly!! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

March 2020


What a wonderful, educational and fun way to spend a day. Thank you Vikki for sharing your sense of fun and knowledge with us. A little bit of everything in this tour. My second tour with 365. What a terrific company as masoli traveller it is sometimes best to be a little cautious. Not caution required. To get the best out of this tour make sure you pack a sense of fun and a have a go attitude.

March 2020


Stanislav (Stanislove) is the best tourguide! He knows everything you want to know about Sofia and he’s super funny. I don’t know about the other tourguides, but if they’re like him, you’ll have a great tour! I really recommend it!

March 2020

Paddy W

We had a fantastic tour of Sofia with Yana. She was full of amazing stories and knew her history of the beautiful city. we had gorgeous weather for a great tour. Hopefully the Free Sofia Tours are back as soon as possible to continue their brilliant work.

I hope Yana reaches her goal to be a film director in Bulgaria ๐Ÿ™‚

March 2020


This free English language walking tour of Sofia’s most famous landmarks is a great introduction to the city. We had an amazing guide, Boyan, who was very well-informed and entertaining. He packed the two hours with history, information and anecdotes.

March 2020

fran p

We were a group of friends visiting Sofia for the first time and we are so glad we joined the tour, because we had the best time we could have in such activity. Our tour guide, Martin, was a Historian, a very funny one. He didn’t give us a lot of dense information but instead he told us everything like it was a tale or story so we could start loving Sofia as much as he does. I can truly tell he is in love with his job. The city is so beautiful, interesting and full of historical places, anecdotes and fun facts ๐Ÿ˜‰ that is impossible not to like it too. #HowCoolIsThat

February 2020


Excellent tour with Svetla. Very knowledgable guide and answered any questions the group had. Group was the right size and lasted 2 hours.

February 2020


Fantastic Experience!ย Superb! An experience I will not forget. Whether seasoned traveller or novice, you will definitely learn something new and look at Sofia in a new way after taking part in this immersive experience. The free walking tour is well paced and interesting. Our guide, Stanislove , was so passionate it was infectious. He is a master story teller that take you along on a wonderful journey. Friendly, knowledgeable, kind and approachable. What more would you want in a guide? I can honestly and unreservedly recommend this experience to everyone and anyone. You will look back at the time spent, on this excursion, as some of the best memories you have of Sofia. Truely Magnifique !
January 2020

Dafne K

The best part of my trip to Sofia!ย The guide, Victoria, was lovely! She provided us with the right mix of historical information about the city and each site, fun facts and also jokes! We had the best time and even won candies for our right answers throughout the (uniquely interactive..) tour! Also it was cold and snowed but honestly we didn’t mind!
January 2020


My husband and I did this tour while visiting Sofia and loved it. It was New Yearโ€™s Day and it is amazing that this tour still ran even on a holiday. 365 days a year no matter what the weather conditions, which shows the dedication. Our guide was Nikola and he was extremely knowledgeable, funny, and nice. I learned a lot about Sofia and Bulgarian history I did not know before and he did it in a enjoyable way. Saw a lot of sites in just 2 hours. Tour is completely free, although we have a donation because of the high quality of the tour. Highly recommend to anyone coming to Sofia!
January 2020

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