Sofia’s theatrical scene is wide and rich but there is one thing missing… there are no performances in English. This is now about to change as our newest project aims to provide all non-bulgarian speakers with an opportunity to enjoy theatrical performances in English.

Organised by the 365 Association (Free Sofia Tour), our first theatre play to be performed entirely in English in Sofia is going to premier on Dec 7th 2019!

lovesofia - sofia theatre in english

#LOVESOFIA – English language theatre play

We are proud to present the first ever English language theatre play in Sofia – #LOVESOFIA

Dive into a play, which is all about Sofia, love and loving Sofia.
Join us for a walk around the capital of Bulgaria during which you will not see the main attractions, but get the chance to encounter the typical characters of Sofia and their personal stories.

“Simply fall in love here, this alone is more than enough to experience Sofia…”

A true love story as seen through the eyes of the real people of Sofia? And yet… who are “the real people of Sofia”?

5 local guides will try to answer this question. Their task is to help you enjoy the city and remind you of those precious moments with a loved one. Right here, right now, in Sofia.

We are waiting for you!

Playwrights: Alexander Shpatov and Alexandra Genova
Based on the book #LiveFromSofia (2014) by A. Shpatov
Director: Nikola Stoyanov
Assistant Director: Lazarina Kotkova
Set Design: Teodor Kiriakov
Starring: Anna SIMOVA, Boyan PETROV, Vessela PETROVA, Svetla RANGELOVA, Stanislav KERTIKOV

Tickets available for:
Dec 7 at 6:30PM
Dec 8 at 6:30PM
Dec 21 at 6:00PM


Venue: Azaryan Theatre, National Palace of Culture
Organised by: Free Sofia Tour, Сдружение 365 / 365 Association


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