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March 9, 2014

7 fun facts about the Boris Garden in Sofia

How often do you pass by a park or a garden? You hang out with friends, sit on a bench drinking beer, or just lazily lie on the grass letting time fly? Have you ever wondered about the stories these places hide? Here are some fun facts about the biggest park in our capital to help you get to know it better (and also give you an extra topic for conversation during your next stroll along the blooming flower beds). 1. Initially, the Boris Garden was in the outskirts of Sofia but as the city grew rapidly the park ended up in the very center of Sofia. 2. The Boris Garden was built at the end of the 19th century. Its name went through a number of changes. First, it was Razsadnika (The Nursery Garden), then Pepiniera, Tzarigradskata gradina, Knyaz Borisovata gradina (The Prince Boris Garden) and The Freedom Park. 3. It was designed by a Swiss gardener who was brought all the way from Bucharest. 4. The plants for the Japanese Corner, which was made […]
September 10, 2012

The Guests of Sofia

English version below Изложба „Гостите на София” – 15-30 септември – Градинката Кристал Забелязали ли сте, че София е пълна с чужденци? Това прави силно впечатление особено през летните месеци, когато българите са по морето, а чуждата реч из столицата сякаш преобладава. Питали ли сте се кои са тези хора, какви са техните истории, защо са в София, какво мислят за нас, кое им харесва? Фото-изложбата “Гостите на София” си поставя за цел да отговори на тези въпроси, както и да ни накара да погледнем на София през очите на нейните гости. Снимките ще ни провокират да се замислим дали не подценяваме онова, което ни дава столицата и дали не трябва да имаме повече вяра на критичния поглед на чужденците, които идват тук и оценяват всеки детайл. Изложбата ще се състои от 15 до 30 септември в новото арт пространство в градинката “Кристал” и ще е част от Европейската седмица на мобилността 2012. Инициативата се организира от Сдружение „Фрий София Тур” с любезната подкрепа на Столична Община, Асоциация за развитие […]
August 11, 2012

Free Sofia Tour Recommended by a Lonely Planet Blogger

Very recently, a Lonely Planet Blogger visited our Free Sofia Tour and included it in his Top 5 Awesome Tips for a Seriously Cheap Trip to Sofia article. Our tour is described as tip number one: Take the Free Sofia Walking Tour A fun, very comprehensive, interesting tour, this FREE walking tour is given by knowledgeable and well trained locals and covers parts of the city you won’t find on your own (the Byzantine Church inside the courtyard of the Presidential palace for example). The tours are so popular they have to give them twice every day – 11am and 6pm at the Palace of Justice (just look for the giant lion statues opposite the McDonald’s on Vitosha Blvd. If you see a place called ‘Happy’ you’re close by). At the end of the tour, if you enjoyed it, simply give the volunteer guide a tip! You donate depending on what you think the tour was worth and what you can afford – a great experience at a good price! […]
May 15, 2012

Sofia – Finding Spring on the Balkans’ Princess

Mid of March Cátia Bruno entered on a bumpy train ride and got out in a city with lots of stuff to meet and João Dias took the pictures. With a lot of Sirene and Martenitsas. She also visited Free Sofia Tour and wrote an article for the Portugese iOnline media. Read further to find out what experiences she made in our city. Arriving at Sofia can be a frightful experience. Not for everybody – the one who plays it safe and arrives by plain, lands on an airport like every other, get out to a bunch of yellow taxis yearning for tourists, crosses the suburbs full of neons and tall buildings and goes straight to the beautiful ant touristic city center. But for those who play it adventurous and decide to enter the Bulgarian capital on a train from Serbia, the city waiting for us does not seem the nicest. You cross the border and the landscape is the one of a poor country. Carts in front of houses that lack painting and […]
April 27, 2012

Free Sofia Tour in Turun Sanomat

Soon after vitisiting our tour, the Finnish journalist Sanni Saarinen wrote an article about Sofia and the tour in the famous Finnish magazine Turun Sanomat. What surprises the authormostly are the numerous facettes of our capital: There are few cities in which you can see a synagogue, a mosque, an orthodox temple and the tower of the Communist party at the same place. In Sofia, this might unravel a lot about the nature of the city. The influence of various cultures can be felt in the meandering streets of the city, the center of which can be explored in a day. In Sofia you can go around by foot or with old (some have worked for decades) tramways. At spring and summer, the whole city is extremely green thanks to the many parks and gardens. Once you go under the city, though, you experience a different face of Sofia: The look of the underpasses in the center of the city is a shock – among concrete walls and souvenir shops you […]
April 6, 2012

CNN: Bulgaria hopes past will draw tourists

CNN’s Fred Pleitgen on how Bulgaria is trying to turn its many Roman ruins into a tourist magnet. The mayor Yordanka Fandakova, the deputy-mayor Todor Chobanov and minister of finance Simeon Djankov show Mr Fred Pleitgen around the newly-discovered Roman remains around Sofia city center.  
January 24, 2012

Bulgaria: history, culture, wine and… much more

Bulgaria (and Sofia in particular) is becoming quite popular. Given it’s one of our goals, we are very excited about that. Next week we would welcome guests from EastWeek magazine in Hong Kong and currently in contact with Qatar’s leading magazine Qatar Happening. In the meantime here’s what travel writers say about the country: 10 Things to do in Bulgaria by Europe A La Carte: Bulgaria is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe full of art, culture, history, and fun. Some Ill-Informed Observations On Bulgaria by Travels with a nine-year old Bulgaria’s eclectic cuisine pleases. It’s a charming meld of heart-attack Slav dishes based on pork, lard, sausages, more pork and perhaps some pickled cabbage or veal, and those Eastern Mediterranean favourites such as stuffed aubergines and what everyone outside Bulgaria would call Greek salad. With feta. Which isn’t called that here. Bulgaria: history, culture…and wine! by TravelBite Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, at first glance seems a gritty and no-frills city which doesn’t initially feel all that inviting. However, what you get in Sofia, is […]
December 30, 2011

The Third Class Traveller: Sofia

This year we had the pleasure to take part in the Sofia episode from the The Third Class Traveller series of the UK’s Travel Channel. We would like to thank producer Justin Pavlova-Hawkes and presenter Julian Hanton for this interesting opportunity. No economic downturn can stop the intrepid Mr Hanton, so for this journey he attempts to survive a week on just $100 in every city he visits. This requires Julian to rely on the kindness of strangers, including the Free Sofia Tour team. The Third Class Traveller 30″ Promo from The Inn on Vimeo. It was back in April (5th) that the shooting took place. There was only one guest at the 6PM tour but as you know, the tour doesn’t have a minimum number of guests so it proceeded as planned. Our friend from Hungary Ákos Kiss will probably never forget that evening – he got a private tour with not one but two guides (Boyko & Vanya), accompanied by a TV crew 🙂 It was so long ago that even the red […]
September 20, 2011

The new videos about Bulgaria

Вижте новите видеоклипове за България на националния туристически портал (Check out the new videos about Bulgaria on the national tourist portal