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April 27, 2012

Lucky number 13 will take care of your good time!

Getting tired of the same old faces at Free Sofia Tour? A new refreshment wave is headed your way! 13 volunteer-guides-in-training will start the third round (the last one) of the tough but exciting process of becoming a Free Sofia Tour guide. 13 seems to be our lucky number. We started Free Sofia Tour on Friday, 13th of August 2010 – without a single thought of bad karma. We wanted the same success for Free Varna Tour, so we started the project on Friday, 13th of April 2012. Now 13 young and passionate people passed our exam in Sofia and are willing to meet you. Out of 44, only 25 started the second part of the training. Out of 25, only 17 came to the exam day. Out of 17, only 13 passed. All of them are full of energy and charisma, neat and well prepared. Among them we have some marketing experts, students and young professionals in law, HR experts, IT experts, a geologist and a garden designer! 4 […]