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January 7, 2016

The Free Sofia Tour Is Looking For New Guides

Free Sofia Tour is back! It’s the beginning of January; winter holidays are (unfortunately) gone, so we at the Free Sofia Tour are already starting to think ahead. You might have seen us on the street, you might have seen us in the media, you might have heard someone tell you stories of us… If you haven’t, this is who we are and what we do. Our primary goal is to make every guest of our tour feel welcomed to Sofia and Bulgaria. We want to ignite a spark of interest in such a way so that they would want to come back and recommend it to their friends. We are passionate about what we do and we constantly strive to make each tour personal, fun, informative, helpful and unforgettable. We are looking for New Guides! Take a look at our poster and if you see yourself in it, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you see someone else in it, don’t hesitate to tell them not to hesitate to contact us […]
December 22, 2015

Tours on Christmas and New Year’s 2015/2016

Free Sofia Tour Announcement Dear Friends, Free Sofia Tour is happy to announce that we will be running as usual (both 11AM and 6PM) on both – 24th and 25th of December as well as 31st of December and 1st of January. Every day, twice a day, 365 days a year! Also, we will be running both our Culture and Communist tours. You can join the Culture tour 3 times a week – 25.12, 26.12, 28.12. in 2015 and on 01.01., 02.01.2016 and so on – every Monday, Friday and Saturday. The same is valid for the Communist tour – 24.12, 26.12, 27.12, 31.12 in 2015 and on 02.01., 03.01.2016 and so on – every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. If you decided to spend the holidays in our capita we will be very happy if you decide to join us! Here’s some of the things going on in Sofia these days: Sofia Mezi – Until the 23th of December there is a Balkan Christmas Festival next to the national stadium […]
September 16, 2015

Free Sofia Tour стана на 5!

For English click here Преди малко повече от месец Free Sofia Tour отпразнува своя пети рожден ден! Цяла статия със снимки може да намерите ТУК Организирахме парти, турове на български, засаждане на дървета. Работихме усилено, но също така се забавлявахме. След големия ден на 13-ти август ще споделим с вас как протече този един месец: 13-ти август 2015  Най-големият подарък за нас са усмивките на нашите гости. На 13-ти август успяхме да покажем столицата ни на 179 гости от цял свят.  За тези пет години и един месец Free Sofia Tour разходи из София повече от 95 000 туристи от над 140 държави. Провели сме почти 3 000 тура, а разстоянието, извървяно в турове, се равнява на 3,5 обиколки около екватора. В екипа ни са участвали 35 гида, като кандидатите за тези места са били над 300. В момента активни гидове във Free Sofia Tour сa 24 млади професионалисти. Организирахме страхотно парти На него дойдоха около 90 наши приятели, партньори и поддръжници. Получихме много поздравления, споделени емоции и, разбира се, […]
August 20, 2015
Free Sofia Tour Birthday

Free Sofia Tour’s 5-th Birthday in photos

Last week on 13-th August we celebrated our fifth birthday. Everything started with a decent preparation for the morning tour at 11:00 at the Palace of Justice.  We surprised our guests with balloons, home-made cookies, champagne, Happy Birthday song (video here) and a lot of positive attitude. We had 76 tourists on the mourning tour, guided by Radi, Kris and Vasco and on the evening tour was visited by 103 tourists, who were guided by Viki, Kris and Alex. In total we had 179 visitors of our birthday tours!! Later on at the evening the celebrations continued with a birthday party at the summer cinema One More Кино. The party was attended by more than 90 guests, tourist, partners and friends, whom we treated with love and care. Everybody could try our exceptional homemade birthday cake. We also organized two awesome party games for all those who came and we congratulate the winners! We hope that everybody enjoyed the party as we did and we thank you for attending it! If […]
August 3, 2015

Free Sofia Tour turns 5 in August

This year is really spicial for our Association. We have many occasions for joy and pride. We started with two new projects in Sofia – Culture Tour and Communist Tour.  Free Plovdiv Tour turned 3 years just in July. And now Free Sofia Tour 5th Birtday is coming up in August! These past 5 years have been amazing for us and our guests, so we would like to share some of the experince with you! FREE SOFIA TOUR’S YEAR ONE: The first year is the most important they say. We celebrated the first year of creating the Free Sofia Tour with a lot of enthusiasm, smiles, flowers and muffins with our logo. Read more about how it went in our blog. Visitors: 5 000 from 87 countries and 6 continents Tours: 450 Guides: 6 (only started with 1) Tripadvisor reviews: 43 Facebook fans: 2350 FREE SOFIA TOUR’S YEAR TWO: This is the year in which we really got serious and grew. Everything for our secound year you can find here. Visitors: 19 000 guests […]
July 21, 2015

Guest 75 000

The Free Sofia Tour is very happy to announce that on the 21st of June 2015 our team greeted its guest number 75,000! Even though it was a rainy day neither our guides nor our guests were scared away by the weather. As promised we were waiting for our honorable 75,000th tourist to arrive without taking notice of the coldness and the wind. Furthermore, we had 13 brave visitors from all over the world, armed with curiosity and prepared to learn more about the city of Sofia. We did not fail to recognize the symbolic meaning behind the number 13 which is lucky for the 365 Association, since all of its projects in different cities – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna – have been started on the 13th day of different months. During the almost five years of its existence the Free Sofia Tour has welcomed tourists from more than 150 countries. They all have enjoyed a walk with us while being presented with the events that took place in the […]
February 1, 2015

We want You!

It’s the beginning of February; winter holidays are (unfortunately) gone and well forgotten, so we at the Free Sofia Tour are already starting to think ahead. You might have seen us on the street, you might have seen us in the media, you might have heard someone tell you stories of us… If you haven’t, this is who we are and what we do. Remembering the hordes of inquisitive guests from all over the world that we welcomed in the last two summers, and utilizing our basic, yet sufficient math skills, we have come to the realization that we need a new group of fresh and enthusiastic people to join our team and help us make everyone happy this coming summer as well. Take a look at our poster and if you see yourself in it, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you see someone else in it, don’t hesitate to tell them not to hesitate to contact us as well!
December 31, 2014
365 Association: Our Amazing Year 2014 | Free Sofia Tour

Our Amazing Year 2014

Year 2014 was definitely the most successful year for 365 Association. We welcomed over 20.000 guests, organized a series of events, had a lot of fun on team buildings and expanded again our team. Here are some of the most significant highlights in our great year 2014: In February we launched a series of “Free Sofia Tour Gets (You) Together” events. (link to full article about them) The idea behind is to allow locals learn more about our project as well as to be a place for story sharing and adventure planning. Throughout the year we organized 5 events – with presentations, games, presents, and surprise performances.     In March the majority of the guides joined the 365 Association spring team building It was loaded with lots of fun, cooking, games and discussions about the meaning of different personality types as part of the 365 Association team. Again in March some of us attended the United Europe Free Tours annual summit. (link to the summit) The main takeovers from the meeting […]
December 4, 2014
Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour | Free Sofia Tour

Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour

Let’s start the month of the endless holidays in the best possible way, namely with the Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour! No matter that we work every single day of the year, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we are always eager to have parties in our spare time when we do not guide. The team of the tour is waiting for you with a bunch of surprises and presents. We will be glad to meet in person our numerous fans and friends. You will be able to meet the guides  and hear some of their interesting stories! Why not even take a picture with a guide or a guest of our tours! The event will take place on the 10th of December 2014, at 20.00h at Dada Bar, Benkovski Str. For those of you who arrive on time, there will be a welcome drink! Let’s get inflicted with the Christmas spirit together!