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December 31, 2014

Our Amazing Year 2014

Year 2014 was definitely the most successful year for 365 Association. We welcomed over 20.000 guests, organized a series of events, had a lot of fun on team buildings and expanded again our team. Here are some of the most significant highlights in our great year 2014: In February we launched a series of “Free Sofia Tour Gets (You) Together” events. (link to full article about them) The idea behind is to allow locals learn more about our project as well as to be a place for story sharing and adventure planning. Throughout the year we organized 5 events – with presentations, games, presents, and surprise performances.     In March the majority of the guides joined the 365 Association spring team building It was loaded with lots of fun, cooking, games and discussions about the meaning of different personality types as part of the 365 Association team. Again in March some of us attended the United Europe Free Tours annual summit. (link to the summit) The main takeovers from the meeting […]
December 4, 2014

Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour

Let’s start the month of the endless holidays in the best possible way, namely with the Christmas Get Together of Free Sofia Tour! No matter that we work every single day of the year, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we are always eager to have parties in our spare time when we do not guide. Like this year’s Christmas Get Together! The team of the tour is waiting for you with a bunch of surprises and presents. We will be glad to meet in person our numerous fans and friends. You will be able to meet the guides  and hear some of their interesting stories! Why not even take a picture with a guide or a guest of our tours! The event will take place on the 10th of December 2014, at 20.00h at Dada Bar, Benkovski Str. For those of you who arrive on time, there will be a welcome drink! Let’s get inflicted with the Christmas spirit together!
December 4, 2014

FST Gets (you) together – Christmas edition

Имаме удоволствието да Ви поканим на последния Get Together за 2014, организиран от Free Sofia Tour! Този път ще слеем събитието с коледното ни парти, така че да навлезем в празничния сезон с подходящо настроение 🙂 Kога? 10.12.2014г. (сряда) Къде? DaDa cultural bar (ул. “Георги Бенковски” 10) От началото на тази година започнахме редовни сбирки на приключенски настроени хора като нас. На тази среща ще имате възможност да: – стартирате празничния сезон – споделите вашия опит от пътувания – дискутирате скритите кътчета из България и по света – планувате следващото си пътешествие – се осведомите за нововъведения в света на туризма и приключенията – се запознаете с нашия екип – получите подранили коледни подаръци 🙂 Моля потвърдете своето присъствие във Facebook страницата на събитието! Очакваме ви!
May 27, 2014

Гост 50 000 на Free Sofia Tour

FOR ENGLISH, CLICK HERE. Free Sofia Tour – първият и най-известен проект на Сдружение 365 се подготвя да посрещне нашия гост 50 000. Най-вероятно се чудите как знаем, че имаме 49 904 госта в момента. Истината е, че това е голямо предизвикателство пред нашите гидове – да преброяват всички гости на тура, да ги вписват във формуляр в началото на тура, като се стараят да не го изгубят, докато накрая не въведат всичко онлайн. Така в реално време следим колко госта имаме. Ето и формуляра, който използваме: А за да сме сигурни, че всички са били записани, преброяваме и усмивките на нашите групови снимки: Ако си бил на наш тур, със сигурност си в този списък с гости. Ако все още не си, направи го тази сряда (28.05) на тура ни в 11:00 часа. Може да се окаже, че точно ТИ ще бъдеш НАШИЯТ гост 50 000. За да посрещнем  50 000 госта във Free Sofia Tour: сме получили над 250 CV-та на кандидати, които са желали да станат част […]
May 26, 2014

Guest number 50 000 is coming this week

ЗА БЪЛГАРСКА ВЕРСИЯ, КЛИКНИ ТУК. Free Sofia Tour – the first and best known project of 365 Association – is getting ready to greet our guest number 50 000! Guest number 50 000 Now you are probably wondering how we know that he/she is coming. It is a big effort of our team to count every single person on our tours, keep track, try not to lose the sign-up sheet until the numbers have been recorded online. This is actually how we do it:   And to make sure the list is accurate we even count the smiley faces in our group pictures as well: If you have been on one of our tours you are in that list. If you haven’t yet at 11:00 o’clock on Wednesday this week  is the time to show up. Might turn out that YOU will be OUR guest number 50 000. To be able to greet guest number 50 000 the Free Sofia Tour has: received more than 250 CV’s from people who wanted to […]
April 2, 2014

Free Sofia Tour Gets (you) Together on Wednesday, April 9th

Spring is finally here in full blossom, so it’s time for new adventures! We, the team of Free Sofia Tour, did not hibernate during the winter at all but now we’re picking up even more speed. In the aim to bring together our Bulgarian friends, as well as foreign guests who are lucky enough to be in Sofia then, we would like to invite you to the second Free Sofia Tour Gets (you) Together event at Dada Cultural Bar on Wednesday, April 9th at 7pm. All are welcome to share some chats, laughs, drinks and fun travel stories. You can RSVP for the event here. To do what we do best – we’ll start by entertaining you with some curious facts about our tours. For example, you’ll find out that we are well on track to meet and greet our guest number 50 000 in mid-May and in our anticipation, a big surprise is in the making. The number of guests is growing even now as I am writing this article […]
February 13, 2014

Free Sofia Tour Gets (You) Together

Free Sofia Tour proudly welcomes you to our very first Get Together! And hopefully one of many to come. Perhaps you’ve seen us around Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna in front of a big group of excited tourists. Now we would like to get to know you better and exchange our travel experiences and just have some fun in the meantime. Join us on 19th February for a joyful evening in the DaDa Cultural Bar to talk, laugh, have some drinks and enjoy each other’s company. In addition, every time a different travel idea will be presented. The first time will be us 🙂 Just come with a smile, an open mind and with all your adventurous stories from around Bulgaria and the world! Free Sofia Tour с радост ви приветства на нашето първо събиране! Едно от многото предстоящи, да се надяваме. Може би сте ни виждали из улиците на София, Пловдив и Варна пред група ухилени туристи. А сега бихме искали да се опознаем повече, да споделим идеи и преживявания […]
October 4, 2013

Free Sofia Tour Welcomes Guest Number 40,000

ЗА БЪЛГАРСКА ВЕРСИЯ, КЛИКНИ ТУК. The never stopping girls and boys of the Free Sofia Tour, the pilot project of the 365 Association, have just had the pleasure of welcoming and showing around their 40,000th guest. Apart from the fact that we’re always looking for reasons to celebrate and party, when we came to think about it, we realized this number is actually significant. To illustrate this point: 40,000 is 50 times the population of the Vatican (800 people), larger than the population of Monaco (32,409) and Liechtenstein (35,365). In order to visualise this more easily, 40,000 is the approximate capacity of our national stadium. Speaking about distance: cumulatively these 40,000 people have walked about 108,000 km (the average distance, covered by one tour being estimated at 2.7 km). 108,000 km equal 112 round trips on the Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Sofia route (959 km), over 48 trips around Bulgaria, if you’re going along the borders (total border length is 2,245 km), more than 8 times the borders of the European […]
October 4, 2013

Гост номер 40 000 на Фрий София Тур

FOR ENGLISH, CLICK HERE. Неуморните момичета и момчета от Фрий София Тур, първия проект на Сдружение 365, имаха удоволствието да посрещнат и разходят четиридесетхилядния си гост. Освен, че винаги си търсим поводи да празнуваме, като се замислихме, установихме, че това число всъщност е доста забележително. Какво имаме предвид? 40 000 души е 50 пъти повече от населението на Ватикана (800 души), повече от населението на Монако (32 409) и на Лихтенщайн (35 365). За  да ви е по-лесно да си ги представите – 40 000 души е приблизителният капацитет на Националния стадион „Васил Левски”. Ако нашите гости бяха жители на град в България, той щеше да е 26-ти по население, точно между Димитровград и Търговище. Ако трябва да говорим за разстояние: Тези 40 000 души са изминали общо 108 000 км. (средното разстояние, което изминават гостите на обиколка е 2,7 км.). 108 000 км. са 1800 обиколки на Софийския околовръстен път (60 км.), което са 112 обиколки по маршрута София – Пловдив – Варна – София (959 км.), над 48 […]

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