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December 31, 2012

Tours continue on 31st and 1st :)

50+ guests at the morning tour on 31st of December! We are also expecting guests who confirmed they would join us tonight at 6pm and tomorrow at 11am :)) A lot of people called to check if we are still running. That’s understandable 🙂 Yet, we keep our promises – every day, twice a day, even on holidays, despite any bad weather. By the way, we are expecting guest N25000 to visit us some time tomorrow 🙂
October 6, 2012

Free Sofia Tour Junior Volunteer Program

For the first time this summer Free Sofia Tour started the Junior Volunteer Program. Three eight-graders from 54th school in Nadezhda neighborhood took part in the 2-week program, but only one – Alexander Rangelov – “graduated” as the first honorary junior guide. During the training the high-schoolers observed several tours by professional guides and engaged in structured discussions, reflecting on what makes a tour good and keeps the tourists satisfied. In addition, they had to read and learn part of the extensive “Guide for the guide” manual that each new FST candidate has to be familiar with in order to become part of Free Sofia Tour. The manual covers a wide range of topics, facts, and information on the history of Bulgaria, Sofia as well as curios facts, anecdotes and statistics. For the final exam, the junior guides led two 15-minute English-language tours in front of real tourists. Here’s what Alexander told us about his experience in Junior Volunteer Program: It was quite fun. One of the first people I […]
August 13, 2012

Happy Second Birthday, Free Sofia Tour!

It has been two years since the guests of Sofia can join Free Sofia Tour and enjoy the friendly company and exciting stories of our guides around the center of Sofia. This is a very special day for us and it would have definitely not been the same without you – our (future) guests, friends, partners, supporters! Here is what the figures say about us: 19.000 guests from more than 110 countries and 6 continents. Most come from Europe and North America. Top 10 foreign countries visiting our tour are USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, France, Holland, Canada, Austria, and Italy. However, we have had visitors from a lot of countries Bulgarian consider ‘exotic’, like Tunisia, Indonesia, Qatar, even the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe! 19.000 people who fell in love with Sofia like us and left Bulgaria smiling and willing to come back. Almost 1.300 different tour groups. We continue to have tours regardless any weather or holiday issues. Since our groups are becoming larger and larger, we […]
April 27, 2012

Lucky number 13 will take care of your good time!

Getting tired of the same old faces at Free Sofia Tour? A new refreshment wave is headed your way! 13 volunteer-guides-in-training will start the third round (the last one) of the tough but exciting process of becoming a Free Sofia Tour guide. 13 seems to be our lucky number. We started Free Sofia Tour on Friday, 13th of August 2010 – without a single thought of bad karma. We wanted the same success for Free Varna Tour, so we started the project on Friday, 13th of April 2012. Now 13 young and passionate people passed our exam in Sofia and are willing to meet you. Out of 44, only 25 started the second part of the training. Out of 25, only 17 came to the exam day. Out of 17, only 13 passed. All of them are full of energy and charisma, neat and well prepared. Among them we have some marketing experts, students and young professionals in law, HR experts, IT experts, a geologist and a garden designer! 4 […]
March 24, 2012

The new candidate volunteers

English version below/ Може би сте видяли, че набираме доброволци за Free Sofia Tour и Free Varna Tour? На път сме да удвоим екипа си. Процесът започва преди месец. През това време 43 млади и ентусиазирани кандидати ни писаха, че искат да се присъединят към екипа ни в София. Кандидатите имат различен опит и разнообразни интереси: Възраст: между 18 и 38 години Международен опит: повече от тях са учили/работили в различни държави – Австралия, Дания, Гърция, Франция, Холандия, Япония, Испания, САЩ и Великобритания Професии: сред тях има специалисти по маркетинг и връзки с обществеността, HR-и, IT гурута, фотограф, ръководители на проекти, икономисти, геодезист, ландшафтен архитект, докторанти и студенти Говорими езици: Английски, Френски, Немски, Руски, Гръцки, Испански, Японски, Китайски, Италиански, Холандски, Турски, Сърбо-хърватски Пол: само 7 момчета се престрашиха да кандидатстват срещу общо 36 момичета. Интересното е, че в момента съотношението в екипа ни съвсем наобратно – 8 момчета и 4 момичета. След тежки дискусии, продължили около 4 часа, решихме да допуснем 25 кандидати да се включат в нашето обучение. За да могат гостите […]
March 18, 2012

Easter break

Remember Petar? One of our guides who went to study Latin American Studies & Human Rights in University of Essex. Guess what he is doing during Easter break? 🙂 We have the best team in the world.
February 29, 2012

29th of February

Yes, we know we said we have tours 365 days-a-year 🙂 Guess this year we just have to make them 366. And no, the snowfall won’t stop us!
February 7, 2012

10 000th guest

Not minding the Siberian cold, as we call the unusual low temperatures these days in Bulgaria, Free Sofia Tour welcomed its 10 000th guest! On the 7th of February morning tour 11 people braved the arctic freeze (the temperature that morning was actually -10C!) and one of them was the lucky number. We’ve been waiting for this milestone for quite sometime and we had a special present prepared for the lucky one. We knew the feeling being outside in this bitter cold (we do it everyday, twice a day), so we had small presents for everyone who was with us on this special occasion – vials of the world famous Bulgarian rose oil and martenitsas. On top of everything we had a high-profile visit that day – the new ambassador of the United Kingdom to Bulgaria. Her Majesty’s Ambassador Jonathan Allen had assumed the post just a week before. He proved his interest in our country even before that – he came in the beginning of 2012 to live with a […]
December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from the team

As the year is coming to an end, it’s time for recaps, resolutions and lists… We already did that back in August for our birthday so I will try to be short this time. We were waiting at the Palace of Justice for our guests 738 times in 2011. 51 times nobody showed up, 70 times there was only 1 or 2 of you but we still did the tour. We did 687 tours in total. 9265 guests from 105 countries. Not just a tour but an experience: Something very special indeed; freedom, fire, passion and erudition all masqerading as a leisurely stroll that even the weariest of souls can accomplish. Gerry Foley (guest from the United States) Since I love quotes, I would also quote one of our team members: Free Sofia Tour, the best thing that happened to me in 2011! Thank you! We don’t plan on stopping. As we speak, the last tour of this year is taking place (6PM on the 31st of December), after 23 people from […]

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