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August 8, 2016

6 Facts we love about France

Free Sofia Tour turnes 6 this week As you may have learned, Free Sofia Tour turns 6 years next week! To celebrate this, we made a list the 10 countries we’ve had most visitors from. So far we’ve presented to you our #10, Israel, #9, Netherlands, #8, Italy, #7, Australia. Today, we will tell you 6 interesting facts about France, which comes 6th by number of guests with 4633 visitors so far.   Fact about France №1: There is not a single stop sign in Paris. The last stop sign in Paris disappeared in 2015.   Fact №2: Speaking of visitors, France is the most visited country on Earth (and has held this position for a while). In 2015, France was visited by 84.4 million tourists.   Fact №3: License plate that today we all have on our legally registered vehicles, was first introduced by France.   Fact №4: Napoleon’s army discovered the Rosetta Stone. Making possible the desiphering of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.   Fact №5: The oldest bridge in Paris […]