Stories from the tour

Sofia and Bulgaria, seen through the eyes of Free Sofia Tour guests. Interesting stories from the tour.

April 18, 2011

Cheap Bulgaria

Many people say that Bulgaria is a cheap destination. I like to believe that Bulgaria is a good value destination. Today I had two guests (a couple) – a Greek girl and a German boy. It was quite cold so I offered them if they want to join me for dinner and a drink. After we finished our meal and they saw the bill, the girl exclaimed: “It’s so cheap here. I Will never go out in Thessaloniki again because I will feel so bad.“
April 13, 2011

Most popular songs in Bulgaria

One of our guests from Italy today shot a lot of video so I asked her if she would be so nice to send the files to me. She said she would edit it and make a short video and here it is: The lyrics start with “see how drunk our bodies are”. At first I thought she might have a crush on me but then my huge ego subsided and I realised that she just didn’t know that. As a background song she chose a “chalga” – a genre hated and loved equally strong here in Bulgaria. See below the original song. When I asked her how she chose it, she said she just Googled “most popular Bulgarian song for 2010” and liked the melody because it was really cheerful.
April 9, 2011

British heavy metal band visits

The British heavy metal band Elixir joined Free Sofia Tour today 🙂 The boys from the band were relatively quiet during the tour but I am sure they probably saved their voices for their performance in The Box club in Sofia tonight. Here’s what they say about us: “…thanks to Boyko from Free Sofia Tour, for a very interesting tour of the city – highly recommended!”
March 15, 2011

Smuggling cigarettes through the border

It’s funny to hear the same story from three completely different groups of people – guests from Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands. They all travelled with a bus from Belgrade or Istanbul. At the border the driver buys lots of packs of cigarettes and hides them in the bus or gives each of the passengers one. At the border control the customs officers get in the bus, they obviously receive something from the driver and then start searching the bus. It is obvious that they look everywhere but where the pack are hidden. Then after the bus crosses the border it stops somewhere and the driver unloads the packs. Of course, things like that happen everywhere in the world.  
December 6, 2010

Not afraid of the cold

Free sofia tour is on even at -4°C… The temperature may have been -4, but there were +4 people taking the tour with our fearless Boyko!

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