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September 19, 2013
Децата от Доганово на гости в София

Децата от Доганово на гости в София

Децата от Дом за деца, лишени от родителски грижи в село Доганово отново ще гостуват на Сдружение 365 Този път в рамките на Европейска седмица на Мобилността. Приготвили сме им разнообразна програма, организирана съвместно с приятелите ни от Див Рошков. Сутринта в събота на 21ви септември децата ще участват в специална игра-ориентиране, която ще ги запознае с вековните дървета и други природни забележителности. След обяд всички деца ще рисуват с тебешир в парка Заимов и ще изработват топчета със семена, които в последствие ще могат да засадят в двора на Дома. Всички участници ще получат специални грамоти за познаване на вековните дървета от Див Рошков, както и награди, осигурени благодарение на любезното съдействие на Сдружение Тук-Там. А най-големите деца ще посетят изложбата “Човешкото тяло”. Проектът с децата е част от социалната програма на Сдружението, и причината да стартират благотворителните турове на Free Sofia Tour преди повече от две години. Оттогава Сдружението редовно подкрепя децата от Дома, като досега е организирало 3 посещения до София по различни поводи и с разнообразни занимания – тур на […]
June 20, 2013
Spring refugee tour with Dima

World Refugee Day

Since 2001, by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, June 20 has been celebrated as World Refugee Day, coinciding with the African Refugee Day. Here in Bulgaria we host plenty of refugees and asylum seekers since we are an outer border of the EU. For the last ten years, on average, 1000 people per year have been filing an application for such a status. Most of them flee their countries of origin for political reasons. They are all looking for a peaceful place to settle down and quite a few of them recognize Bulgaria as such. Since February 2013, our Association together with the guides from Free Sofia Tour have been actively involved in showing our capital to the people applying for a refugee status, thus contributing to brightening up their everyday lives. This way we hope that no matter outcome of their application, they will all treasure the good memory of our country. The first tour with refugees and asylum seekers took place in February of this year and was led in […]
April 16, 2013
Free Sofia Tour Walk

April Charity Tour with Dreams Unlimited

As you may know, every 6th of the month donations from both our morning and evening tours would go for the so called Social Program of our Association. With the greatest part of the donations we are supporting the social home for disadvantaged children in the village of Doganovo near Sofia. We have bought various presents for them – sports shoes, special equipment for horse riding for the youngest kids, for Christmas we have organized a tour around Sofia, with dinner and theater performance afterwards, for the summer vacation we have invited them to Sofia Film Festival. One other project – part of the Social Program – is in cooperation with the teenagers from the social workshop Dreams Unlimited. The main goal of this workshop is to integrate children from various vulnerable groups and prepare them for the professional life. Since the teenagers live in rather isolated neighbourhoods in the suburbs of Sofia, the activities include meeting new and interesting people outside the usual environment of the children – including people from Free Sofia […]
March 14, 2013
Free Sofia Tour - March and Martenitsa - Baba Marta

Baba Marta Social Project

Grandma March, or Baba Marta in Bulgarian, is one of the most ancient traditions in Bulgaria. With this in mind, our young friends from the Social Workshop Dreams Unlimited decided to surprise us by preparing martenitsas and personalized messages for the guests of Free Sofia Tour! Баба Марта е един от най-древните български обичаи. По този повод нашите приятели от Детска работилница Мечти без граници към столичния район „Искър” (един от крайните квартали на София) решиха да ни изненадат като приготвиха мартенички с лични послания за гостите на Free Sofia Tour! Dreams Unlimited is a project aiming to integrate boys and girls from Bulgarian minorities and from socially disadvantaged families. The project gives them a chance to discover their professional vocation through creative workshops in groups. Working on those little presents for the guests of Sofia and meeting them in person, will open up the kids for the world outside their rather limited and isolated social environment. Детска работилница Мечти без граници се стреми да интегрира момичета и момчета от българските […]
October 29, 2012

Social Workshop Dreams Unlimited

The Social Workshop Dreams Unlimited started in 2012 with boys and girls from Bulgarian minorities and from socially disadvantaged families. The main goal of the project is to integrate children from various vulnerable groups and prepare them for the professional life. Dreams Unlimited partners with schools, but also relies on of personal contacts with children from the suburb neighbourhoods. Работилничката Мечти без граници съществува от 2012 година Нейни участници са деца и юноши в район Искър на Столична община (обхваща крайните квартали Дружба-1 и Дружба-2). Дейностите се провеждат ежеседмично и са насочени основно към социална интеграция на деца от различни уязвими групи (от малцинствени групи и социално слаби семейства, с затруднения в училище, застрашени от отпадане от образователната система, с противообществени прояви и др.) и към подготовка на младите хора за активна трудова заетост. Проектът работи в партньорство с училищата в района, но също и чрез директни контакти с децата от квартала. One of the major problems preventing social integration is the fact that the social contact of those kids are highly […]
October 23, 2012

The Balkan Peninsula Project – Solidarity in ACTion

Very recently, one of our Free Sofia Tour guides Kiril Zahariev had the opportunity to participate in Balkan let’s get up!. The volunteer organization has as prime goals forging the better understanding among the youth on the Balkans and help them put in practice their own ideas with The Balkan Peninsula Project – Solidarity in ACTion. They provide a frame, in which participants can answer their own questions about their motivation and self-determined action ideas and need. It is achieved by: International exchange of ideas on the topics that lay the participants heavy on their hearts Provision of project management tools Promotion of low-budget projects Advice and support for the volunteer project work. 20 people between 18 and 27 from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania take part annually. Within one year they participate in two seminars and an advanced training, implement their own project and receive active support. Trainers with expertise, volunteer experience and understanding for the lives of young people in the Balkans are ready […]
October 13, 2012

Free Sofia Tour at the Running Wonder

End of September Free Sofia Tour took part in the event The Running Wonder. It is a Youth charitable steeplechase in support of the elderly people. It has been organized with the support of Sofia municipality and aims to gather funds for elderly, lonely and sick people. The participants are children and youth from different educational institutions in Sofia and other volunteers. The idea is that every participant has to find a sponsor before the event and this sponsor has to donate 1 BGN for every lap. The project aims to promote physical activity, creativeness and social engagement amongst the youth. Of course FST couldn’t have missed their opportunity to make a run for a social cause. So 5 of our teammates gathered at the early morning on the 29th of September and prepared themselves to make a run for it. We gathered for a warm up and when everybody was ready we lined up for the start. When the pistol was shot and the official start was given, we […]
June 20, 2012

Anima Fest’s Social Program

Last week the International Animation Film Festival ”Golden Kuker – Sofia” presented over 300 films. Free Sofia Tour was the media partner chosen to show around Sofia the international guests of the festival. Apart from the regular program, the festival’s weekend program included special entertainments for children in need. And since this year “Golden Kuker” had a focus on ecology, the organizers have invited quilling art masters to help the children create their unique paper postcards and presents. On Saturday Free Sofia Tour and Anima Fest hosted the children from the social house in Doganovo village – the social house, which is regularly supported by our Association thanks to the charity tours.     40 children learned one way to reuse the paper – by unfolding their creativity and designing numerous decorative designs.     After the great job, the kids were invited for lunch and watched one of the best animations of the festival. We are looking forward to their next trip to Sofia!
February 26, 2012

Коледна Благотворителна Акция

По традиция българските студентски сдружения в Германия с активното участие на сдружението в град Манхайм «Бай Ганьо» организират всяка година Коледна Благотворителна Акция(Вижте тук), като събраните средства се даряват на дом за деца, лишени от родителски грижи в село Доганово за осъществяването на конкретен проект за децата. Тази година с общи усилия и за радост на всички се събра сумата от 2984 лева. В проекта се включиха освен организаторите от Манхайм, сдруженията «Златен век» в Ерланген-Нюрнберг, «Будители» в Бон-Кьолн, «Кирил и Методий» в Карлсруе и «Грифон» във Фрайбург. Всяка година Коледната Благотворителна Акция добавя нови идеи за събиране на средства. Голяма част от даренията идват по време на традиционното отбелязване на студентския празник 8ми декември. За да се привлече вниманието и на немските студенти и да бъдат и те съпричастни към акцията, от няколко години се организира щанд в Университета, където се продават картички, рисувани от български дечица в Германия, ръчно изработени коледни играчки и сладки. Благотворителното представление «Криворазбраната цивилизация», поставено на 29 декември в София от непрофесионалния театрален състав към […]

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