Social Program

December 19, 2011

Благотворително представление

Пиесата „Криворазбраната цивилизация” от Добри Войников ще бъде представена на 29 декември 2011 г. от 19.00 ч. в Дом на Културата „Средец” на ул. „Кракра” 2. Представлението е част от редовната Коледна благотворителна акция на българското студентско сдружение „Бай Ганьо” в Манхайм, Германия. Събраните средства са предназначени за Дом за деца, лишени от родителски грижи в с. Доганово. Инициатор на проекта е самодейният театрален състав към студенското сдружение в Манхайм, подкрепено от Държавна агенция за българите в чужбина и Дом на Културата „Средец” при Столична Община. Инициативата се осъществява със съдействието на Фондация „Движение на българските майки” и сдружение „Фрий София Тур”. Периодични благотворителни турове от Free Sofia Tour за дома в село Драганова От август тази година на всяко шесто число от месеца Фрий София Тур организира благотворителни турове, като средствата се заделят за дома в с. Доганово. В деня на представлението децата от дома ще се разходят из София, ще научат повече за историята и основните забележителности на нашата столица и след това ще бъдат специални гости на „Криворазбраната цивилизация”. За близо 7-годишната […]
October 10, 2011

Charity tours – your contribution

As you might have read, back in August we did our first charity tours – the donations from both our morning and evening tours were collected to support one social home for disadvantaged children in the village of Doganovo near Sofia. Some Bulgarian friends of ours also contributed to the initiative. We received total donations amounting to 370 BGN. The school year in Bulgaria started on 15th September. Just 2 days before that, the children from the social home received new sport shoes. After the success of the first charity tour, we decided to make it a regular event. So now, every 6th of the month donations from both our morning and evening tours would go for the same social home. 200 BGN were already spent on new equipment – for a new project that the Fondation “Bulgarian Mothers Movement” started with the youngest kids from the house. They are making regular visits to the ranch “El Paso” in Vitosha mountain – to learn how to ride horses and to take care […]
September 8, 2011

Charity tour 2

Last month we decided to join an initiative to give a helping hand to support 51 children in the orphanage in Doganovo village near Sofia. The donations that we collected during the morning tour went for new sport shoes for the kids. We thought that it would be a good idea to make this a regular event. So, every 6th of the month donations of both our morning and evening tours would go to charity. We were thinking long if we should even write this post because we don’t want to brag or something. However, we decided that writing about this idea would be better than keeping it quiet for two reasons – our guests could see that they participated in a great initiative and in the meantime we might encourage others to do similar projects. After the evening tour on the 6th of September it became obvious that I should write this. People decided to join our tour and this way support the children at Doganovo (which they realised […]
August 3, 2011

Charity tour – Unity makes strength

THIS SATURDAY, 6th of August, our morning tour at 11 o’clock will have a slightly different motto – CHARITY! We and our guests will give a helping hand to support 51 children in the orphanage in Doganovo village near Sofia. Different NGOs, foundations and groups of friends help this orphanage each year with various things – from bringing Christmas presents through organizing IT courses to collecting money for summer vacations for the kids – and some of us have actively participated in the latter. Those kids urgently need new sport shoes. Most of them actively train various sports – last year one of the girls has even started regular practice in the National Sports Academy. Part of the donations has already been collected by a group of friends during a charity concert they organized. Free Sofia Tour joins the campaign and organizes a CHARITY TOUR on the 6th of August. The collected donations during our morning tour at 11 o’clock will go for new sport shoes for the kids. The shoe shop […]

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