Free Sofia Tour in the Media

Media coverage of Free Sofia Tour.

March 15, 2011

FST on YouTube

We are already on YouTube. Did you know that Sofia has been featured on Euronews? Or that you can see it from eagle’s eye with a 3-gigapixel panorama? Check it out. You can suggest videos, share ours, comment on them or help us make our amazing city more visible in any other way you can think of 🙂
March 14, 2011

FST on Tema News

Great article about Free Sofia Tour in the Bulgarian “Tema” magazine, online article only in Bulgarian. You can also read the scanned article from the magazine (again only in Bulgarian).  
March 14, 2011


Last month Free Sofia Tour was presented on the air of Bulgarian National Radio, interview only in Bulgarian. Since then we are already ten people and we are currently planning the launching of the daily morning tour at 11 AM.
March 10, 2011

FST on Rock Around the Globe

Free Sofia Tour was featured on the Rock Around the Globe blog. Here’s some of the highlights about the tour as well as Sofia and Bulgaria in general: “We found nothing really noticeable during our first tour in the grey and under renovation city centre. We heard then about a free Sofia tour organized every day by a local NGO at 6pm and we didn’t regret to do it. Sometimes one just needs a different perspective! 😉 So we discovered more about the Bulgarian History: Slavonic and Bulgarian origins of the country, the creation of the Cyrillic alphabet, five centuries of Ottoman domination, the liberation, the communist period and so on!!!” “The city conserves buildings from its different historical periods and reveals strange similarities between those periods. For example, the Ottomans as well as the communist regime at different level tried to minimize the orthodox religion of the country.” Thanks for the good words, Axelle & Luis!
March 7, 2011

FST in Ruff Guide To Bulgaria

The guide idea was born in 2005 when photographer Cliff Norton and his wife Andrea first visited Bulgaria visiting friends and fell in love with the local people and their wonderfull country. Cliff and Andrea then spent the next 5 years rebuilding and visiting their Bulgarian cottage in a rural village of the Black Sea Coast. Now living the BBC programe Goodlife with pigs, chickens and sheep. The guide is a growing resource of information for the visitor to Bulgaria as well as some use to the expat. They were so kind to place a link for us in the guide: http://ruffguidetobulgaria.com/gpage6.html
March 2, 2011

FST on ExpatSofia

ExpatSofia is blog with useful info about Sofia, written by expats, erasmus students and peacecore volunteers living in the city. That’s what they wrote us: “Hey guys, we just added your site to expatsofia! You offer something great!”
February 23, 2011

FST on Twitter

You can now follow the latest info about Sofia (things to do, must-see/visit places, ‘breaking’ news etc.) as well as updates about Free Sofia Tour activity on Twitter. For the time being the tweets are automatically generated by the Facebook to Twitter. If you decide to tweet about us, make sure you mention (@FreeSofiaTour) us. You can also share blog posts with just one click.
February 19, 2011

FST on Anonce.bg

An interview with Vanya on Anonce.bg weekly (only in Bulgarian): Ваня от Free Sofia Tour: „Безплатно разкриваме тайните на София”
February 19, 2011

FST on TV+

Free Sofia Tour featured (interview with Boyko) in the morning show of TV+ (watch it in Bulgarian with English subtitles on our Youtube channel):

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