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July 4, 2011

Free Sofia Tour in Playboy

Free Sofia Tour got featured in Bulgarian Playboy magazine – under the heading “Role Model”! Sorry to disappoint you – no nude role models this time 😉 Although Playboy magazine is famous mainly for a different kind of publications, the Bulgarian edition is also constantly promoting various local initiatives such as art exhibitions, cultural events, Bulgarian inventions – and Free Sofia Tour!
June 29, 2011

Free Sofia Tour in Forbes Bulgaria

We didn’t get into Forbes 500 or something (I don’t think they list non-profits) but we contributed to a special feature about tourism in Bulgaria. You can find our box on page 48 of Forbes Bulgaria July edition with data about visitors of the free Sofia walking tours. Read the full piece on the pages of the Forbes Bulgaria July edition.
June 27, 2011

Free Sofia Tour on Radio Bulgaria

Free Sofia Tour got featured on Radio Bulgaria – the official international broadcasting station of Bulgaria, part of the Bulgarian National Radio. The article about the tour was translated in several languages. Pick the one of your choice: Bulgarian – Млади доброволци показват на туристите забележителностите на София English – Young volunteers offer free Sofia tour to foreign visitors Russian – Молодые добровольцы показывают туристам достопримечательности Софии French – Des jeunes volontaires vous font faire le tour de Sofia… Spanish – Jóvenes voluntarios enseñan a los turistas los sitios de interés turístico de Sofía Serbian – Млади волонтери показују туристима знаменитости Софије (Free Sofia Tour) Greek – Νέοι εθελοντές δείχνουν στους τουρίστες τα αξιοθέατα της Σόφιας Albanian – Free Sofia Tour për të gjithë vizituesit e kryeqytetit bullgar
June 4, 2011

FST in Standart News

Free Sofia Tour Association on the pages of one of the biggest daily newspapers in Bulgaria – Standart. Click on the image to read the whole article (only in Bulgarian).
May 18, 2011

FST in One Week in Sofia (Една седмица в София)

An Australian girl who visited Free Sofia Tour with Misha mentioned it in the latest edition of One Week in Sofia (Една седмица в София) magazine. Here’s what she says: “I went to the free tour of the city. Usually I don’t like official tours but this was extra-casual and when it was over the whole group went to have lunch together”
April 23, 2011

Free Sofia Tour in Karolinka In & Around Bulgaria

An American teacher who has already been living in Bulgaria for three years visited the free walking tour of Sofia today. She was nice enough to then share with us her thoughts about her experience in her blog, labelled Karolinka In & Around Bulgaria. Read the whole review or some highlights: “They’re great. Really great I might add. They were organized. Thoughtful. Knowledgeable. Well-spoken. Good looking. And they made sure that no one got lost and no one got hit by a car. That last one is pretty important considering the nightmare that is traffic in Sofia and the huge amount of construction happening downtown these days.” “The tour did a great job balancing history, culture and place. My guide was very fluent in English and knowledgeable about the city. He did a really great job navigating the various interests of our diverse group.” “Mostly, I went along to take pictures and to check out the quality of the tour. The quality you might ask? Top-notch and I’ve been on my […]
April 10, 2011

FST on Sofia City Info Guide

Sofia City Info Guide presented Free Sofia Tour in its 18th anniversary issue in April 🙂 See the full feature here: http://bit.ly/dRS6cH. Sofia City Info Guide provides up-to-date information about the Sofia City region and is distributed free of charge in a monthly circulation of 20 000 copies.
April 8, 2011

FST on Sofia Echo

Sofia Echo’s Senior Editor Gabriel Hershman joined the tour and wrote a review about it: ‎”Just show up. It’s also quite a nice way to meet new people… You’ll be sure to learn something new on this tour and you may even find yourself dancing the horo with your fellow sightseers.” Read the whole piece about the walking tour of Sofia in the print edition or online:  
April 8, 2011

Let’s clean Sofia & Bulgaria in a day

Free Sofia Tour Association supported bTV’s campaign to clean Bulgaria. Starting in Sofia. You can also join (info mainly in Bulgarian): http://www.btv.bg/da-izchistim bTV wanted to know the opinion of Free Sofia Tour team and guests about how clean Sofia is. Here’s the answer (unfortunately, bTV Media Group declined our official request to use the video on our YouTube channel in order to put English subtitles and everyone to be able to watch it):