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November 18, 2010

Cheapest public transportation in Europe

Sofia is among the cheapest in Europe when it comes to public transportation according to a Price of Travel survey. We say walking around while learning about the city with Free Sofia Tour is even cheaper! 😉
November 16, 2010

Time for Christmas Fast

Unlike the Roman Catholic Church preaching meat abstinence on Fridays only during the whole fasting period, the Orthodox Church recommends abstinence throughout all 40 days. One of the Bulgarian traditions you would learn about during the tour 🙂 Actually, not eating meat in Bulgaria is very very hard. We can give you some tips where to find good vegetarian restaurants, among others. Source: Christmas Fast Purifies Bulgarians’ Bodies and Souls
November 11, 2010

John The Baptist Relics in Sofia

The relics, unearthed this summer off Sozopol on Bulgaria’s southern coast and purported to be John the Baptist, will be displayed in the capital Sofia for three days as of November 12. Another reason to visit Sofia and Free Sofia Tour! Source: Controversy Provoking John The Baptist Relics Displayed in Sofia
November 9, 2010

FST in OK Tourism

If you are still wondering what exactly is that we do every day, this first press article about Free Sofia Tour in OK Tourism magazine might help you 🙂
November 2, 2010

Bulgaria = must-visit

Welcome to Bulgaria Bulgaria – must visit. Where in the world should you go next year? Lonely planet says: Bulgaria. “For those who looked, Bulgaria has always had its moments – in its biggest cities, on its snow-capped peaks and great-value ski fields, on its golden-sand beaches and in ancient Black Sea port towns.” Read more: Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries for 2011
October 23, 2010

First article about us

“So far, Bulgaria’s great!” First extensive article about Free Sofia Tour, Sofia and Bulgaria in general written by some of our guests 😉 Check out what Arwyn and Jason from Canada wrote about us in their blog EASTERN EUROPE ADVENTURES: “So far, Bulgaria’s great!” “…pointing things out we would never have noticed on our own, and giving us a very knowledgeable and entertaining history of the city and its important landmarks…” “We learned that, despite fighting on the side of the Germans in the second world war, Bulgaria never sent its Jewish population to the death camps…” “…it turns out that Cyrillic isn’t that terrifying, once you realize you have to throw out what you think the letters are and accept that what looks like a “P” is actually an “R,” “I like Bulgaria.” Read more: http://jcobham.travellerspoint.com/16/
October 17, 2010

Startup 2010 Conference

Free Sofia Tour team (Kris, Vanya, Teddy & Boyko) presented the initiative as part of the Elevator Pitch at The National Entrepreneurship Conference Startup 2010.
October 15, 2010

Sofia Unplugged

See Sofia in Facebook album See some other photos from Sofia in our new Facebook album, labelled Sofia Unplugged. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.160785827280556.43569.147623095263496 Thanks to Gwladys Anceau, Vassilena Valchanova & Martin Kretschmann
October 13, 2010

Happy 2 months!

Free Sofia Tour is only 2 months old and already walking and talking… every day for 2 hours after 18:00. What a smart kid! Happy Birthday to us 🙂