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September 19, 2010

Best in Sofia may be yet to come

SOFIA – The architectural heart of ancient Serdica, the Roman Empire-era predecessor of Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia, is emerging amid excavations for the construction of the city metro system. In a couple of years, the finds will become part of an underground museum where visitors will be able to walk in the footsteps of Constantine the Great (272-337 AD), the first Roman emperor to legalise Christianity and adopt it himself. Read more:  
September 17, 2010

Happy Day of Sofia

Happy Day of Sofia! 😉 The Orthodox Church tells the tragic story of a second-century Roman mother Sophia who sacrificed herself and her 3 children in the name of Jesus Christ. Her daughters were Faith (Vyara), Hope (Nadezhda) and Love (Lyubov). These frail females stood up to the brutal might of Rome at time when a mere whisper of dissent could mean death to a Roman citizen, Christian or pagan. (source: