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February 3, 2011

Dress warm

We are still there even at -10C and guests keep coming. Just make sure you dress warm (gloves, hat, warm socks, etc.) so that you can enjoy better the tour! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you and showing you around chilly Sofia!
January 22, 2011


This could be considered our first media breakthrough 🙂 The article, written by Iva Toncheva from the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA), was published by a lot of media and gave us very good exposure. Read it here: Young Enthusiasts Guide Free Sofia Tours in English or in one of the reprints below (only in Bulgarian): Ентусиасти правят всеки ден безплатни турове в София на английски (Dnevnik) Безплатен тур на английски всеки ден в столицата (Duma) Доброволци правят безплатни турове в София на английски език (Bulgarian National Radio) Опознай София…на английски (bTV) Безплатни турове из София (Dir.bg)  
January 22, 2011

FST on Nova TV

Free Sofia Tour is all over Bulgarian media these days. You can watch us today on the news (Nova TV, 19:00-19:30), also live online at: http://novatv.bg/bg/live/ Or just watch it on our Youtube channel with subtitles in English:
January 20, 2011

The History of Europe

This is a nice advertising movie about Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, that soon became viral.
January 19, 2011

Hidden impressions from Sofia

“During those two hours walking around with a small group I got to know many interesting things that were not in my guidebook!” “Our guide also showed us some trivia that not many people know about Sofia.” Thank you Karin Dalhues for the great blog post about the Free Sofia Tour.
January 19, 2011

Cheapest city in Europe

Sofia was named the cheapest city in Europe in the Backpacker Index for 2011 by Price of Travel. We believe this is just one of many more reasons to visit 😉 “Europe’s cheapest tourist city is becoming more popular each year, partly due to the low prices for almost everything, but its remote location will still be a problem for most casual travelers.” Daily Backpacker Index: BGN30.30 = US$20.75/day
January 13, 2011

Free retro tram in Sofia

Two retro trams will take for free rides passengers in Sofia. The first trams in Sofia were launched on January 1, 1901. The construction of the lines began on December 1, 1898 by companies from France and Belgium. Source: Free Retro Tram Rides to Entertain Sofia Residents
January 7, 2011

Sofia on Euronews

Bulgaria’s capital featured on Euronews. Check this and other interesting videos about Sofia, Bulgaria and the Free Sofia Tour on our Youtube channel.
January 4, 2011

Happy Liberation Anniversary!

We should not forget that the refusal of the Italian Consul Vito Positano, the French Vice Consul Léandre François René le Gay and the Austro–Hungarian Vice Consul to leave Sofia prevented the Ottoman forces from burning the town. Source: Bulgaria’s Sofia Marks Liberation Anniversary

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