Unmissable your! I can’t speak highly enough about these guys. What a great tour! And we had the bonus of being hosted by Stanislaw, an actor seemingly destined for stardom. I look forward to seeing him in Hollywood blockbusters when I can tell my friends that I know him . The tour is both very entertaining and super informative. We learned so much about Sofia along the way. Highly recommended
August 2018


Best tour in any capital in Europe! Interactive, informative, fun and educational tour! I went to the Free Sofia Tour with my father and we were absolutely delighted by the tour guide Dessi. She has plenty of personal stories about the city of Sofia and off course a lot of common history about the capital. People were encouraged to ask questions and the guides made themselves available for all kinds of questions. I can not recommend this tour enough!
August 2018

Olivia C

Free Tour Sofia – would definitely recommend! We went to the 11am Free Sofia Tour with Tommy. He was a great tour guide, energectic, knowledgable and made the 2 hours pass so enjoyably. The tour focused on the history of Sofia, and the key landmarks. It was great for someone spending a few days in Sofia, who wanted to get to know the city quickly, and be able to revisit places they particularly enjoyed if they had further time. Tommy also gave some great recommendations to further enjoy your trip to Sofia.
July 2018


A great way to get to know Bulgarian culture and cuisine. A great way to get to know Bulgarian culture, language and cuisine (and a bit of history in between) and to see another side of Sofia. We made short stops on the way to taste banitsa and drink rakiya and rose tea.
Our tour guide was Alissa, she was just great, very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable (she even made us dance the koro).
Very highly recommended!

April 2018


Best way to understand the city! My boyfriend and I only had 2 days in sofia. We did the free tour the first day and it really helped us understand the history and culture of the country. The guide was very friendly and helpful as we could ask everything (not only about sofia) and get recommendations for what to do the next day
April 2018


Great Tour, Even Better Tour Guide Vasil! We were a small group so we could move easily across the city, it was raining but we had a great time and the tour guide was simply great. Vasil was ready for any kind of question and explained everything really plain and easy. I’d go Again.!
February 2018


Free Sofia Tour/ Best city tour in Europe. Today we had an amazing city tour with the best guide ever, Mitko! Such a clever, funny, well- informed person that made our day a lifetime experience! We loved the stroll and learned so many cool things about Sofia in the funniest way!

Free Sofia Tour is the best way to explore the hidden beauties of the town! An amazing idea, that costs nothing but it’s really worthy!
Thank you, we hope we’ll meet again soon!

January 2018


Tommy rocks! The tour is just wonderful! Definitely do this if you have a spare couple hours in Sofia. It’s such a great experience! The tour guide we had, Tommy, is a wonderfully animated guy who I think was born to interact with people 🙂 He also knows an incredible amount about Sofia and peppered his tour with jokes, anecdotes, and stories about his grandparents 🙂 overall a great experience!
July 2017


Must do! The tour guides really brought this city to life for us and we really enjoyed the little insights they gave us. Do this as soon as possible in Sofia to give yourself an introduction!
May 2017


Fantastic first encounter with Sofia!An excellent, highly recommended trip. Anina was our tour guide for two hours and gave us an excellent overview of the history and culture of the city. If anyone is visiting Sofia for the first time, this tour is what they should start with.
April 2017