Surpassing expectations. We were pleasantly impressed by Viki’s stories about the history of Sofia and Serdica. We enjoyed the tour and the behind the scenes explanations, despite the cold weather. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that Sofia has so many hot springs, even if their taste is a bit special. We can only recommend the tour as a first class free experience of getting to know the landmarks and historical buildings of Sofia, presented by a well prepared guide.

February 2017


The Culture Tour is the third one I’ve done with these amazing guys from 365. It is a very well organized Tour that brings you, as it is said, to taste, touch, smell, hear and see bits of Bulgarian culture during 2.5 hours. Very interactive and fun, Svetla, our guide, was enthusiastic about sharing parts of her daily life, and she even made us perform a traditional dance! To recommend as it is interesting for everyone!

January 2017


Great Communist Tour! Very interesting 3 hour walk through the streets of the beautiful Sofia, discovering main sights and hidden places connected to the Communist era. Daniel was very kind, knowledgeable and pleasant and he gave me many useful info about the city! Highly recommended!!
January 2017


There is a reason this tour has such high ratings! I opted for the 6pm tour to escape the worst heat of the day. To my amazement enough people arrived to make 2 groups. I joined Anina’s group. She was fantastic! She gave a brief history of Bulgaria to put the different sites we were about to see in perspective. Even if you don’t like history, you will be entertained! Anina has a wonderful way of making history sound like a story. The 2 hour tour takes you to all the main attractions in the Sofia city center and the history and context of the sights are explained. I recommend doing this tour at the beginning of your visit to Sofia. It will help you decide which of these sights you want to explore in more detail. The tour will also give you an introduction to Bulgarian culture and traditions. This tour is a definite must when visiting Sofia!

July 2016


365 Communist Tour

Decided to do this after the free Sofia tour run by the same organisation. Martin, our guide was great as he mixed in anecdotes from his family about life behind the iron curtain along with the facts. It was a fun way to learn more about the history of Sofia. Strongly recommend.

June 2016


Great experience even for locals! The tour was amazing! Even Bulgarians like me have a lot to learn from it. Our guide was Nikola who impressed me with his knowledge on the topic and his eagerness to share it with us. A warm spring day is the best time to join such a tour as it is a walking tour.

Thanks for the good experience and keep up the good work 🙂

April 27, 2016

Ameer Z

I was amazed how well my tour guide (Niki) could remember all the facts and history of Sofia. The walk is about two hours walk and you get to see all the best architectures around Sofia. It was a fun walk. Highly recommended. Plus it’s free.


Artemis Valanis

Great tour! Kudos to our tourguide (Dino?). Best tourguid ever!!!! Thank you for an amazing time!


Hannah Sharp87

Great tour and totally free. Give a donation at the end if you like but no obligation whatsoever. Alya was our guide and was fantastic! Funny, informative and quick. Perfect start to a stay in sofia. Do it



We had the guide Ani who was fantastic , very passionate and very interesting . We covered a relatively short distance but got to see the majority of the sites , Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend this tour to everyone . You would be crazy to miss it .