Jewish Tour: just launched and absolutely excellent! My partner and I went on this 2h (approx) tour of Sofia which runs twice a week (Sunday at 11am + 1 other day). Guided by Slyvian, himself Jewish, took us around Sofia at a gentle pace, explaining the history of the Jews and how different tribes had come to settle in Sofia at different times (both Ashkenazi and Sephardic). Our guide had a really engaging manner and through his story telling I understood a lot more about the Jewish people’s history, whilst getting to see old gravestones, the current synagogue, interspersed with some of the history of Bulgaria. Fascinating and really interesting. I’m glad I went.
May 2019


Fantastic FREE TOURs in Sofia AND PLOVDIV. We spent 5 days in Bulgaria – based in Sofia and did a free walking tour on our first evening – It was so good we decided to book a free tour in Plovdiv (we’d already booked a car and were going to visit Plovdiv anyway). We also booked their (charged) communist walking tour in Sofia – which was also excellent.
April 2019


We did 3 tours with them , free Sofia , Communist tour and the Alternative tour . All were very different but all were brilliant . The last 2 you had to pay for but you get more than your money’s worth. The best in Sofia

April 2019


High energy, entertaining tour with a passionate and enthusiastic guide….brilliant! Absolutely brilliant experience. Entertaining and informative. Our guide, Martin, was excellent. Can’t speak highly enough of him. “Passionate” is a much over-used/misused word these days but Martin exuded true passion in bucket loads for his city and for the Communism history of Sofia. Throughout the tour he kept us entertained and informed with expressive, high energy delivery and moments which bordered on performance art!

This was no dry history tour – anything but. Martin interwove Bulgaria’s Communist history with the personal experiences of his parents and grandparents and this made it feel much more real. And he kept a balance, presenting both the positives and negatives of Bulgaria’s Communist past in a credible way. Having done a city tour the day before which covered the history and monuments of the city, this was an excellent overlay. It wasn’t another city tour with bits of communistic info thrown in, this was a tour dedicated to giving insight into how Communism affected the country and its people. A genuine highlight of our weekend. Thanks Martin!

March 2019


Must do in Sofia. We just had the afternoon tour and it was an awesome experience! Mitko, our tour guide, made us feel comfortable and filled us with all the historical and cultural information about the city and Bulgarian past and present! The tour took about two hours, walking around all the historical city sightseeing. It’s a must do if you find yourself in Sofia!
March 2019


Best experience in Sofia! One of my best memories about Sofia is free walking tour with Kris of “Association 365”. It was late November, rainy and cold, most of our group didn’t make it until the end of the walk, so I was left one-to-one with Kris. I suggested him to go home, but being such a dedicated guide he offered me to finish this tour! Then he even switched to russian (it was fun for us both), which is almost as good as his english, by the way:) Despite the harsh conditions, Kris remained positive and optimistic all the time.

The tour itself was very informative and extensive, covering a lot of historical events from ancient greeks to modern history, program is saturated but not overwhelmed, in my opinion, of course. I was happy to get to know more about Sofia and Bulgaria! Amazing, thank you!

February 2019


Great insights from local guide. We did the general tour and the Communist tour and enjoyed both. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable and not afraid to answer difficult questions and address sensitive issues. Highly recommended.
February 2019


Excellent tours! I enjoyed the tours with them, I did about 3 different tours and all were very informative and well organized! The guides make it fun and without fuss and rush. I took the tours in English but I heard other groups being guided in Spanish and other languages. At the end of each tour a voluntary donation is suggested which all people gladly make for the nice work they do, keep it up!!!

Afreen B

I am local and this was so informative and fun thanks to Deni! Deni was so informative, articulate and humorous. As a local and my partner who is from abroad , we both loved it. The history, the stories , she really made it all come alive. Well done! Some people seem to just walk away in the end without giving a tip, which we found a bit outrageous given its 2 hours , amazing trip and at least appreciation would have been nice.
December 2018

Ido K

one of the best walking tours of EU cities. It gets 5* becuase it exceed expectations. Sofia is a great place to explore by foot and there is a lot to miss without a good guide. Nocola is 10/10 and he knows much more- one just needs to ask. it is highly recommended to seniors. the walk is short and easy compared to other cities.
September 2018