Where to Eat in Sofia?

Here is our list of best restaurants in Sofia:


Bulgarian food is not to be missed during your stay in Sofia. Fortunately, there are several amazing restaurants in town offering the authentic Bulgarian experience:

Pod Lipite

Under the Linden trees (Pod Lipite) is one of the oldest garden-restaurants in Sofia. It was built in 1926 and is included in the list of the Bulgarian Cultural Monuments. The name was given by the great Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin. It is located near the main park in Sofia named Borisova Gradina and the Theological Seminary. This fantastic place offers the best of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. The meals are prepared based on original old recipes. Their slogan is “The taste of tradition!”. Many of the main products they use – cheese, eggs, meat, vegetables are from their own farm. The restaurant is decorated in old Bulgarian house style. You will be able to enjoy live authentic Bulgarian folk music and dances, and feel the touch of the Bulgarian traditiona!


Moma offers a modern approach to traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Decorated in a unique way, Moma’s interior tells us a lot about the past of Bulgarian maidens and young Bulgarian women. This restaurant is situated in a building from the 1930s and it also has a cozy back garden. The interior design and the cuisine combine the old and the new.


Fifteen years ago part of the team of the “Izbata” Tavern crisscrossed various parts of Bulgaria in search of forgotten and authentic national culinary recipes. They managed to assemble a traditional menu, that has treasured the customs, which our ancestors had bequeathed to us. For more than a decade they have been welcoming well-known Bulgarian public figures, actors, painters, musicians, as well as guests from all over the world. The magic of the so-called “native”taste, enriched with the comfort and warmth of Bulgarian hospitality, and with the typical interior and traditions, that are kept in this small nook of the modern capital, will welcome you and see you off with a smile.


Sofia is home to countless amazing restaurants. 


Augergine – Craft beer. Craft food. is the only restaurant in Sofia, pairing local craft beers with its meals. Located on a small and quiet street in the heart of the city (right next to the National Palace of Culture), the place offers peace and tranquility, as well as high quality meals and memorable tastes. Augergine’s very talented and experienced young chefs use their imagination in order to create astonishing dishes, inspired from the local traditions, as well as the international gastronomy. Accommodated in an old house, the restaurant has a cozy and warm atmosphere, stylish touch of interior, and peaceful garden.


A unique experience for the adventure seeking foodies. Imagine letting go of the taste, texture, sound and real human interaction. You will spend a few hours with your friends in pitch-black darkness, trying to guess what you are actually eating. A visually impaired host will be your guide on this culinary journey, while giving you interesting insights. Now add exquisite wine and craft beer selection to accompany your 5-course, state-of-the-art menu and you have a full involvement of your senses. Bring a pinch of courage, some adventurous spirit and allow yourself to truly see, because sometimes we need darkness to see the light!

Bistro Liubimoto

“Liubimoto” literally translates into “the favorite one”. How did they come up with the idea? From the beginning they wanted to make a place which will be your favorite one. Today Bistro Liumbimoto holds a very simple promise for you – great moments in a homely atmosphere and delicious food.