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    365 Association is a good practice example 
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    TV7 reports: Free Sofia Tour guide Krasi takes special tours in Arabic for the refugees. 
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    Sofia is the second cheapest city in Europe according to European Backpacker Index for 2013 
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    An interesting story, sealed with a smile by The Tema magazine. Just like all stories of Free Sofia Tour guides. Follow Niki and don’t miss a thing! … And locals, please, get inspired by our guests’ “WOWs” 
    Our new exhibiton in pictures by Sofia Live. Enjoy! 
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    One of the most respectable daily newspapers tells about our exhibition at Kristal garden. 
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    Read the interview with our colleague Filip: “Sofia will be the future capital of culture when we belive in it”. 
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    NPO’s website shares the idea and success of The Free Sofia Tour. Take a look! 
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    Our colleague Teodora Zareva presented the new exhibition “Sofia’s guests” on the air of the National Radio. 
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    A great presentation of the Free Sofia Tour, the team and our projects. Thank you, Wirtschaftsblatt! 
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    Kristian on “I returned to Bulgaria”(Bulgarian only) 
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    София в топ 10 на алтернативните туристически дестинации в Европа (Bulgarian)