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August 9, 2019

Interview with Victoria Paeva – Bulgarian Symbols

If you have been following our social media and blog post articles, you already know that our Association realized its first merchandise idea this year. The concept was to involve 5 young and talented Bulgarian artists to create an illustration in an attempt to show their vision of Bulgarian symbols. Now it’s time to introduce our second illustrator – Victoria Paeva. Victoria Paeva Victoria Paeva is from Sofia, Bulgaria. In her illustration, the thought provoking Viki picked the topic of a cherished Bulgarian tradition – “Kukeri” – mythical creatures, who wear scary masks and dance loudly to scare away the bad spirits. Viki researched on the topic and managed to create a unique blend by merging it with the widely discussed idea of the human ego. It’s a reference to the masks that we are all wearing and the way we hide our inner self from the outside world. The mask in her work is not only a Bulgarian symbol of a long lasting tradition, but also a symbol of […]
July 29, 2019

Interview with Zina Nedelcheva – Bulgarian Symbols

As we already announced in our previous blog post, our new merchandise line – Bulgarian Symbols is finally here! It is our Association’s first souvenir collection. The concept was to involve 5 young and talented Bulgarian artists to create an illustration in an attempt to show their vision of Bulgarian symbols. Today, we would like to introduce you to our first illustrator – Zina Nedelcheva. Zina Nedelcheva Zina Nedelcheva is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In her illustration, Zina chose to portray Bulgaria as one big house. Underground cellars, the oh-so-unusual Klek Shops, the balconies, our graffiti culture and many more symbols of Bulgaria adorn the building. A few days ago we sat down with Zina and talked to her about her style of work and her participation in the “Bulgarian Symbols” project. The Interview Describe yourself using only 5 words! A shy, naive dreamer with a lot of wishes left to fulfill. What is your main focus at the moment? I am preparing a new production of a limited series of clothes, accessories […]
July 28, 2019

“Bulgarian Symbols” – Our Brand New Merchandise Line

Exciting news! Our organisation, the 365 Association, is always up for a new challenge. In 2019 we set 3 new, ambitious goals in front of ourselves – to open up a new interactive space dedicated to the last stages of the communist regime in Bulgaria – The Red Flat, to create a new walking tour, which tells the story of the Bulgarian Jewish community  – Sofia Jewish Tour and to also initiate a new line of merchandise that lays out some of our favorite Bulgarian symbols. Bulgarian Symbols The idea of creating our own merchandise is something that we have been discussing for the past few years. As tour guides we are best at presenting Bulgaria’s symbols and landmarks on the streets of Sofia and Plovdiv. We felt that 2019 is the right moment for us to start working on another ambitious project. It is now time to eternalize these moments. And by that we mean giving you the opportunity to take them back home with you. Being a non-governmental […]
May 12, 2019

The Red Flat – Life in Communist Bulgaria

Do you remember the Cold War? Have you read and listened about it? Perhaps you have seen movies focusing on the dramatic stand-off between the two powerhouses of the world at the time – the US and the Soviet Union. You probably know about the arms race, the never ending competition between them, constantly designing more and better weapons and ways to destroy each other. You also likely know about the space race, the start of humankind’s exploration of the so-called final frontier. If you come from the West, you would have been exposed to propaganda about the evil communists whose main objective was to destroy your peaceful and prosperous way of life. If you come from the East, you would have been constantly flooded with propaganda about the evil capitalists, who live and breathe to ruin your attempt at a just and perfect social system. But have you ever wondered how the regular citizen of the “Empire of Evil”, as per Ronald Reagan, actually lived like? If yes, then… The Red […]
July 30, 2018

Private Tour of Sofia

Explore Sofia’s biggest landmarks with a private guide! You can book a tailor-made private tour every single day! You get to choose the route, starting point and time, and shape the whole experience! A sightseeing tour is one of the must things to do when in Sofia. About Us We have been running walking tours in Bulgaria’s capital for 8 years. During that time our walking tours became the preferred option to explore Sofia’s city center. And also, the #1 Activity in Sofia according to TripAdvisor users and other popular social media platforms. Why the 365 Association? Our walking tours run every single day of the year. That includes all national holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc. Our first project was the Free Sofia Tour. It gives you the oportunity to explore Sofia’s main landmarks every single day – 3 times a day – at 10AM, 11AM and 6PM. The idea of Free Sofia Tour is to show the city to individual travelers and small groups. If you are an organized group […]
January 26, 2018

Free Sofia Tour en Español! | Free Sofia Tour in Spanish!

¡Tour Gratis de Sofia! ¡Free Sofia Tour en Español! ¡Novedades estupendas para nuestros aficionados hispanohablantes! Free Sofia Tour tiene una sorpresa especial para todos sus aficionados hispanohablantes. ¡Free Sofia Tour en español! ¡Actualización COVID-19! Debido a la contingencia de coronavirus, el tour en español está disponible: – Todos los días a las 11:00 – Los viernes, sábados y domingos a las 11:00 y 14:00. La visita empieza enfrente del Palacio de la Justicia. ¡Les estaremos esperando! Ampliaremos nuestro calendario en las próximas semanas. También recorridos están disponibles bajo demanda. En caso de dudas o preguntas, contactadnos. Consulten el calendario de tours en nuestra página de web para obtener la información más actualizada. Nuestros guías os esperarán ÚNICAMENTE enfrente de las dos estatuas de leones delante del Palacio de justicia. Otros proveedores de servicios similares también trabajan en el área. Aunque no existe otra diferencia entre las dos visitas guiadas, sugerimos una lista de razones para escoger la visita en español para los que vienen del sur donde el sol brilla más […]
December 28, 2015

Our Cozy Christmas Party

Our traditional Christmas party It is the event on which current and former members, as well as partners and friends of the Association, meet to celebrate together just before the Christmas holidays. Our Christmas party! Usually the party is organized by the team of Free Sofia Tour. This year, however, we decided to leave the organization to the team of the Social Awareness Program. Although the Social Awareness Program is just one year younger than our first project Free Sofia Tour, not so many people know about its activities. It is our only project that is not in the field of tourism and therefore it remains in the shadow. Well this year we decided to put it in focus, present the team and reveal the projects we’re involved into. Our hosts from DaDa Cultural Bar have prepared very special welcome drinks Home-made rum & home-made mulled wine. And the team has prepared ginger X-mas cookies, vegan bonbons & walnut cookies, cheese bites, salty muffins, apple mini-baskets, chocolate lollipops, and baklava – all home-made! […]
December 15, 2015

The Kids from Shiroka Laka Visiting Sofia

This year the Social Awareness Program started to work with a second home for children without parental care- The home “Katya Vancheva” in village Shiroka Laka. Shiroka Laka is a beautiful village in the Rhodope mountains, about 3 hours away from Sofia. As a first step, our team decided to invite the children to Sofia and to spend a weekend together. The trip was sponsored by the Bulgarian Students’ Organization in Mannheim, Germany – “Bai Ganyo“, which organizes annual charity campaigns supporting children without parental care in Bulgaria. Тази година Социалната Програма към Сдружение 365 започна да работи с втори дом за деца лишени от родителска грижа – дом “Катя Ванчева” в село Широка Лъка. Широка Лъка е едно китно селце в Родопите, на около три часа от София. Екипът ни реши да покани децата на гости в София и да прекараме един уикенд заедно. Екскурзията бе спонсорирана от българското студентско сдружение в Манхайм, Германия – “Бай Ганьо“, което организира ежегодни дарителски акции в подкрепа на деца лишени от родителски грижи […]
December 14, 2015

Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки

English version here Кога за последно излязохте от зоната си на комфорт? Спокойно, и аз отдавна не го бях правила. Но благодарение на 11 холандеца, Сдружение 365 и едни kangoo jumps обувки, на 21 ноември не просто излязох от границите на  комфорта , а направо се изстрелях към звездите… почти буквално. Как започна Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки? Случайно, разбира се. Но нали най-яките неща са неочакваните. Как идеята за Private tour на Kangoo Jump обувки се осъществи? И така, нашият координатор на Private Tours, Деси, ми съобщи, че се налага да направя тур с kangoo shoes обувки. Първоначалната ми реакция беше: “Ти шегуваш ли се?!” След няколко изображения в Google и 2-3 общообразователни клипа в youtube, бях тотално обезнадеждена за това начинание и тръгнах към мястото на срещата с абсолютната убеденост, че ще се пребия или ще колабирам от умора. На всичкото отгоре, не само че никога не се бях качвала на такива обувки, спортната ми форма по дифолт граничи с 0, ами и трябваше да водя тур […]

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