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January 12, 2012

 Конференция TEDxBG

С голямо удоволствие искаме да съобщим на всички привърженици и приятели на Free Sofia Tour, че на 15 януари от 10:30 в зала 73 на адрес ул. „Княз Борис I” 73, с любезното съдействие на конференция TEDxBG 2012 ще се състои първият семинар на нашето сдружение, отворен към всички вас! Местата са ограничени, затова ви молим да се регистрирате на страницата на Time Heroes. Регистрацията започва в петък, 9 сутринта. Целта на семинара е да се разработят 5 маршрута по зададените теми, които след това да бъдат реализирани. Участниците ще бъдат разделени на 5 работни групи и в рамките на семинара ще разработят примерен маршрут за туристически обиколки на София с различни акценти – Culture, Art, Communist, Hidden gems & Games. Участниците ще могат да изберат акцента според личните си интереси и познания. Групите ще разполагат с около 2 часа да измислят примерен маршрут, кратко представяне на обектите и идейна обосновка на обиколката. За това време трябва да подготвят и кратка презентация на идеята си. На всяка група ще има осигурен по […]
January 12, 2012

Surva – Festival of the Masquerade Games

If you want to get the feel of some Bulgarian traditions, you can stop by the nearby city of Pernik 27-29th of January 2012 and see the International Festival of the Masquerade Games before or after you join us at Free Sofia Tour.   The International Festival of Masquerade Games is held in the town of Pernik every even year in January. This is the most important people’s cultural event in the region. More than 5000 performers from all over Bulgaria, as well as formations from many European countries take part in the festival. It is an an illustration of the most vital and deep-rooted traditions of masquerading rites dating from the remote past and preserved for us to the present. The masked participants are called kukeri, kukove, survakari, startsi, babugeri, dzhamailari, kamilari, etc. They will dress in fur hides or in traditional women’s costumes. They will dance for you in their fancy-dress. The performance of the masked men, commonly known as Survakari or Kukeri, is a mystical union of rhythm, sound, […]
January 9, 2012

Sofia Events Calendar 2012

Check out what is going on in Sofia in the first half of 2012 in the convenient events calendar, created by the Tourist Service Municipal Enterprise. / Вижте какво се случва в София през първата половина на 2012 г. в удобния календар на събитията, създаден от Общинско предприятие Туристическо обслужване: Национални празници /National Holidays Църковни празници /Religious Holidays Бележити дати /Famous Dates Културни събития /Cultural Events Фестивали и паради /Festivals and Parades Музика и танц /Music and Dance Events Бизнес събития /Business Events Научни събития / Scientific Events Спортни събития / Sports Events Чествания на годишнини /Celebration of Anniversaries Световни годишнини /National Anniversaries In case you are travelling on a budget, check our list of free things to do in Sofia. / Не забравяйте да разгледате и нашия полезен списък с безплатни неща в София.
December 12, 2011

Free exhibition in Sofia City Art Gallery

A lot of talented Bulgarian artists worked in the 30s and the beginning of the 40s of the XX century. What they did is different than the work of painters before them. For long time their works were synonyms of innovation, experiments and success both in the country and abroad. Sofia City Art Gallery is going to show more than 60 artists that were once united in the “Association of the new painters” between 1931 and 1944. The exhibition will take place December 12 – March 4 in all three halls of the gallery and will include around 250 pieces and archive materials presenting the history of the association. Did you know that Sofia City Art Gallery is just one of the top free things to do in Sofia? David Perez – Still life with a blue vase
December 7, 2011

Museum for Contemporary Art

La Embajada de España en Sofia presents the exhibition Regeneración: lugar, paisaje y memoria (Renaissance: place, landscape, memory), based on the concept of the landscape and its fleeting nature through the eyes of Ángel Massip, Juan López and Jacobo Castellano. The three representatives of the youngest generation of artists in Spain visited Sofia to open the exhibition that will take place 1 December – 10 January. How to get the Museum for Contemporary Art: Google Maps for Cherni Vrah 2 Blvd Angel Masip – A new order disorder
December 6, 2011

Sofia International Book Fair

More than 110 companies will take part in the 30th edition of Sofia International Book Fair that starts today. They will present their publications to thousands of visitors on more than 1000 square meters. Along with the presentation of the new titles, there will be meetings with some of the authors as well as live concerts. This year the main focus will be on France. The country will have a 50 square meters stand and will participate with diverse cultural program in NDK and the French Cultural Institute. Books in languages other than Bulgarian (mainly English, French, German and Russian) will be available at the stands of the foreign participants as well as some of the Bulgarian companies. The entrance is free. How to get there: NDK (National Palace of Culture) is on 1 Bulgaria Sqr.
December 2, 2011

Volunteering law

/English summary: New bill for volunteering is under discussion in Bulgaria/ Във връзка с изготвянето на обща позиция по проекта на Закон за доброволчеството в България заедно с Народно читалище Бъдеще сега Ви каним да се включите в Общественото обсъждане на законопроекта: Как можете да го направите: 1. Да разгледате закона, който прилагаме и да изпратите Вашите препоръки в приложената форма до неделя, 4-ти декември, 18.00 часа на адрес: teodor@gudevica.org. Предложенията и становищата се приемат и в Министерство на културата от г-жа Миглена Бориславова на електронен адрес  m.borislavova@mc.government.bg. Срокът за представяне на предложения изтича на 5 декември 2011г. 2. Да се включите в срещата, която организира НЧ Бъдеще сега в неделя (4-ти декември) в скайп на: awardbg от 15 до 17.30 часа с коментари по текстове на Закона и директно обсъждане. 3. Да разгледате и дадете препоръки на английски, ако имате по финалната декларация изготвена вчера на заключителната конференция във Варшава, затварящо събитие от Европейската година на доброволчеството. Препоръките изпращайте на адрес: home@gudevica.org. НЧ Бъдеще Сега ще ги препрати към Полското председателство на ЕС и Министерство […]
December 1, 2011

IWC Annual Charity Bazaar

The annual charity bazaar of the International Women’s Club of Sofia will take place this Sunday, 4th of December. If you want a mix of food and drink specialties from all over the world, as well as arts and crafts, gifts, toys, books, bric-a-brac, tombola, music, dancing, entertainment and a kid’s corner, then the bazaar is compulsory for you and your family. Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm Venue: Inter Expo Center, Address: 147 Tsarigradsko Shosse Public transport: bus N:114 from Eagles bridge, marshrutki N:42 and N:37 Free bus: opposite Starbucks coffee on Fridtjof Nansen Str. (next to NDK) Admission: 3 Leva Guest of honour is Bulgarian and EU politician and recent presidential candidate Meglena Kouneva who will also officially open the event. Aside from the baba programme, the IWC supports several other important charitable causes, including de-institutionalisation and transition homes. Several charitable organisations, which are supported by the IWC, will be represented at the bazaar. These organisations will sell handmade artwork including Christmas cards, candles, candle holders, embroidery, produced by residents of […]
November 25, 2011

Bulgarian railways strike

Bulgarian railway workers are set to strike every day from 8 am till 4 pm. Keep that in mind if you are coming by train to Sofia from other cities in Bulgaria, Belgrade, Bucharest, Istanbul! Delays are inevitable… Hope you will make it in time for your evening tour, though 🙂 Source: Novinite.com

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