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May 19, 2012

International Animation Film Festival Exhibition

Международният фестивал на анимационния филм “ЗЛАТЕН КУКЕР” и арт център ФотоСинтезис Ви канят на изложба на анимация и илюстрация! Официалното откриване на изложбата е от 19 часа на 22 май. До 4 юни в кафе-галерията на ФотоСинтезис Арт център ще ви посрещне свежа порция от забавни и креативни илюстрации и ще ви припомни защо обичаме историите в картинки. Тази година изложбата е със специалното участие на най-известния и награждаван съвременен сръбски илюстратор – Добросав Боб Живкович. Този изключително креативен и продуктивен художник е допринесъл с таланта си за кориците и съдържанието на множество книги, сред които не е за пропускане работата му по “Властелинът на пръстените”, плакати, рекламни кампании и списания.В селекцията от български автори тази година ще видим добре познати разказвачи на истории като Борис Клисурски, Мая Бочева и Сибила Коритарева с Grozen Entertainment. Изложбата е част от Международния фестивал на анимационния филм ЗЛАТЕН КУКЕР, на който Free Sofia Tour е медиен партньор. Фестивалът ще се проведе от 11 до 17 юни в София с прожекции в пет зали […]
May 18, 2012

Bulgarian Rose Festival Kazanlak

The beautiful Rose Festival has been celebrated for over 100 years early in June. From 2012 on it will grow into an Arts and Traditions Festival during which not only this fragrant flower, a symbol of Bulgaria, but all the gifts of nature in the valley will be honored, too. The multi genre festival will last for over a month (from May 19th till June 24th) and will include music-, theater-, open air performances and concerts, dance performances, a carnival, flash mob, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, festive ceremonies, wine tastings and competitions. Here’s the full schedule – download a PDF file or click on the two images below: P.S. The festival starts on the same day as the Night of the Museums in Sofia. Фестивал на розата, традициите и изкуствата Празникът на розата в Казанлък  е създаден в началото на 20-ти век и се провежда в края на май и началото на юни, когато въздухът е наситен с аромата на уханното маслодайно растение. От 2012 г. Празникът на розата се превръща в мултижанров фестивал като от 19 май до 24 юни участие в […]
May 17, 2012

European Night of the Museums Sofia

Програма на нощ на музеите и галериите в София на 19 май / European Night of the Museums in Sofia on May, 19th – schedule CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION IN ENGLISH източник: http://www.institutfrance.bg източник: http://www.institutfrance.bg
March 19, 2012

Youth Speak

YouthSpeak is a short global survey to understand youth. It takes 2 minutes! The results will be shared with organisations like UNESCO and Microsoft, as well as youth leaders in 110 countries and territories. At the end of the survey, we’ll also tell you a bit about your leadership style. So, let’s get started! http://surveymonkey.com/s/youthspeak4
March 19, 2012

Summer time – change of clock

On Sunday the 25th we have to move the clocks one hour ahead in order to start the Daylight saving time. Make sure you change your devices or you might be one hour late for the tours that day! You might have to get up an hour early for the 11AM one. Here’s something to make you feel better:  
March 3, 2012

Happy Liberation Day (Google Doodle)

Some more information on why Bulgarians celebrate today and what is the biggest holiday in Bulgaria all about 🙂 As for Sofia – it was liberated on 4th of January 1878 and became a capital on 3rd of April 1879. Happy Liberation Day, everyone! Even Google marked today’s holiday:
March 1, 2012

Baba Marta Google Doodle

Last year even Google put on a Bulgarian martenitsa (doodle). Stories about this cherished tradition of ours are also part of Free Sofia Tour! Interesting is also to understand, what the colors red and white mean. Here’s another point of view. There are actually a number of stories, all intertwining history, legends and beliefs 😉 One thing is common – it’s a very ancient, very Bulgarian and very beautiful tradition!
February 10, 2012

Sofia City Routes

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a city of uncharted treasures and hidden surprises. As Irish Times journalist recently noted (read more), Sofia offers something for everyone. There’s definitely much more to explore than our tour. The project “Sofia – Culture Reflected” is giving guests the option to create a route of their own, dividing the city’s beauty into four categories: ancient heritage, cultural and religious diversity, green areas, contemporary points of interest. The project started with a photo competition so most of the points of interest in the website include images. You can see the rest of the participants in the galleries of the website: The City of the Past The Diverse City The Green City The Contemporary City
January 16, 2012

Flowers of the Quran film festival

The fourth edition of “Flowers of the Quran” festival will present movies from the Middle East and South Africa. The focus of this year’s programme will be Turkish cinema. You can see the most popular Turkish film for 2011 “Love Likes Coincidences”, festival favourites “Toll Booth” and “10 to 11” and two documentaries about Istanbul – “Tales of Beyoglu” and “Istanbul – Meeting of Souls”. As usual you can see some of the best recent Iranian movies such as the 2011 Golden Bear winner “A Separation” by Asghar Farhadi and other awarded films from the region including Julian Schnabel’s “Miral”, Rashid Masharawi’s “Laila’s Birthday”, Barak Akram’s “Kabuli Kid” and Radu Mihaileanu’s “The Source”. All the movies in the programme have English and Bulgarian subtitles. Price of the regular ticket is 6 leva.  

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