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Some highlights from Sofia & Bulgaria – events, news and important dates.

March 2, 2011

Sofia International Film Festival 2011

Sofia International Film Festival 2011 starts on Friday. Here’s a list of the movies and where you can see them.
February 19, 2011

Bulgaria Commemorates National Hero Levski

‎”Ако спечеля, печеля за цял народ, ако загубя, губя само мене си.” (Words of our national hero: “If I win, I win for all our people. If I lose – I lose only myself.”) More here: Bulgaria Commemorates National Hero Vasil Levski
February 15, 2011

Stunning exhibition in Sofia Archaeology Museum

Make sure you don’t miss the most recent findings of Bulgarian archaeologists displayed in the National Archaeology Museum in Sofia. Read more: Bulgaria Shows Off Stunning New Archaeology Finds
February 14, 2011

Love & Wine in Sofia

As lovers celebrate St Valentine’s Day, many Bulgarians insist February 14 should be reserved for a traditional Bulgarian celebration – the feast of St. Trifon Zarezan, the patron of vine growing and wine producing. You can choose between two reasons to celebrate tonight after our tour. Or combine them 🙂 Happy St. Valentine’s Day and happy Trifon Zarezan! Source: Bulgarians Happy to Celebrate Both Love and Wine
January 13, 2011

Free retro tram in Sofia

Two retro trams will take for free rides passengers in Sofia. The first trams in Sofia were launched on January 1, 1901. The construction of the lines began on December 1, 1898 by companies from France and Belgium. Source: Free Retro Tram Rides to Entertain Sofia Residents
January 4, 2011

Happy Liberation Anniversary!

We should not forget that the refusal of the Italian Consul Vito Positano, the French Vice Consul Léandre François René le Gay and the Austro–Hungarian Vice Consul to leave Sofia prevented the Ottoman forces from burning the town. Source: Bulgaria’s Sofia Marks Liberation Anniversary
December 30, 2010

Go to Bulgaria in 2011

Bulgaria keeps popping up on best 2011 travel destinations lists… Indeed, “the oldest state in Europe” with “wealth of attractions” 😉 And Sofia is specifically mentioned. “It may not have the best tourism infrastructure, but Bulgaria, “the oldest state in Europe,” has long been on my list of places to visit, not just because I’m a fan of Bulgaria’s vocal music but also because of the wealth of attractions.” Read more: Where to go in 2011
December 16, 2010

3-gigapixel photo of Sofia from Vitosha

http://gigasofia.com/ You can see in the distance the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral which is part of our tour. Unfortunately, we don’t walk to Vitosha Mountain TV Tower (Kopitoto) – one of the places where you could make such panorama photo yourselves. But we visit all other kinds of cool places! Why not check it out yourselves?
December 8, 2010

Christmas Market

Christmas Market in Sofia, right next to the start of our tour in the square between Neofit Rilski and Alabin streets 😉 Source: “Sofia Breathes” Christmas Market December 9th onwards by Sofia – the insider’s guide

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