May 26, 2016
Saint Petka of the Saddlers 1

Saint Petka of the Saddlers Church

The church of Saint Petka of the Saddlers (Sveta Petka Samardzhiyska) is a medieval Bulgarian Ortodox church, located in the center of Sofia near the Sveta Nedelya cathedral. It is a small single nave building featuring a semi-cylindrical vault and a hemispherical apse, all positioned above a Roman crypt discovered during World War II. The church is dedicated to the martyr St. Paraskevi of Iconium (rendered in Bulgarian as sveta Petka/Paraskeva Ikoniyska). The story says that Paraskeva was a woman living in Iconium, Asia Minor (present day Konya, Turkey), at the end of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd century. She was introduced to Christianity by her parents. They died when she was very young and as they were very wealthy she inherited a huge fortune. Instead of spending the fortune on luxury and pleasures, she helped people in need by providing food for the starving, shelter for the homeless and clothes for those who could not afford them. She was so devoted to Christianity that she decided to […]