January 27, 2015
Surva - International Masquerade Festival close to Sofia | Free Sofia Tour

Surva – International Masquerade Games Festival close to Sofia

Surva – Celebrated each year on the last weekend of January The citizens of the Bulgarian town Pernik, situated 30 minutes away from Sofia celebrate Surva. Surva is an International Masquerade Games Festival. The event evolved from a local holiday into an international festival back in eighties of the last century. Since then it attracts people from all over the world. Last year over 6 000 people from Europe, Asia, and Africa attended. To make it more interesting and challenging it is organized as a contest between the different Bulgarian folklore groups taking part in it. What is its meaning? Festivals as this one are the successors old Bulgarian custom called “kukeri gatherings“. The gatherings took place in many towns and villages in Bulgaria. For the different regions the tradition took place at different times of the year. The kukeri gatherings are most probably are pagan tradition. The first written evidence of them is dated back to the VI century. Kukeri are the masks and costumes that the people use to […]
January 20, 2015

Сдружение 365: Една прекрасна 2014 година

Изминалата година беше една успешна и вдъхновена година в Сдружение 365. Успяхме да покажем София, Пловдив и Варна на общо 26 276 туриста. Работихме здраво, но също така се забавлявахме, научавахме нови неща, и също така се екипоизграждахме. Ето и някои от най-важните неща, от изминалата 2014 година в различните ни проекти: Free Sofia Tour През февруари дадохме началото на поредица събития наречени  “Free Sofia Tour Gets (You) Together” . Идеята на събитията е повече хора от София да успеят да научат за нас, да ни опознаят и хора интересуващи се от пътуване да намерят събитие, на което да споделят идеите и преживяванията си. През годината успяхме да организираме общо пет събития, включващи презентации, игри, изпълнения на живо и награди. През май във Free Sofia Tour посрещнахме гост №50 000. На събитието присъстваше и кметът на град София – г-жа Йорданка Фандъкова.  Гост №50 000 се оказа момиче от Чехия, която живее и следва в САЩ. По-важното и интересно беше, че тя и още две нейни приятелки изучават български фолклорни песни и участват […]
January 20, 2015
The name day: A Special Day for a Special Name | Free Sofia Tour

Name day: A Special Day for a Special Name

In this post we would like to introduce you to a widespread Bulgarian tradition: the name day. If you ever wondered what this is or why we have it – apart from the countless Bulgarian holidays, we also have days when we honor our names, so let’s hope that the following will shed some light on the subject. Celebrating name days is a wonderful folk custom, still very common and strongly associated with the life of Bulgarians. It gathers you with your family, gets you to make some new friends, takes you away from the daily grind, but, most of all, it shows respect and attention to a person bearing a special name. This is a tradition (the name day) revered since ancient times, but how old is it actually? Well let’s honor the custom in Free Sofia Tour and start with a small historic introduction. Name days have existed in our culture for a long time. With the introduction of Christianity in Bulgaria, people began to baptize their children […]
January 12, 2015

The Seven Most Picturesque Monasteries In Bulgaria

According to the Holy Scripture seven is the number of perfection, which rules time and space. Seven are the days in the week, where Saturday is meant for God to rest, in the Old Testament tradition. In Christianity, sanctity is transferred from the sixth to the seventh day, Sunday, when it is believed Jesus Christ rose from his tomb. In the weeks after the holidays it is a good idea to look inside yourself and search for the spirituality that will bring you above the material world. That’s why we recommend a tour of the seven of the most beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria. Klisurski Monastery Sveta Petka (St. Parascheva of the Balkans) in Bankya This monastery is situated in close proximity to the capital Sofia and is probably one of Bulgaria’s most interesting renovated monasteries. With the colorful images of saints both in- and outside, the cloister resembles a sugar figure in а confectionery. The biblical quotes inscribed on the walls invite for reflection. This is actually one of the oldest […]