June 25, 2013

A to JazZ Festival 2013

The third edition of A to Jazz festival in Sofia started on June 28th. This year the event will be held at South Park 2, behind the “Spartak” swimming pool and will be dedicated to Latin jazz. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy live performances by US, Cuban, Brazilian, Spanish and Italian artists. It’s a good occasion to get introduced to some of the best Bulgarian jazz musicians as well. There will also be accompanying events for all ages. You could choose among a Latin dance workshop, a free percussion and drums workshop for children and a master class in percussion instruments. The festival lasts for three days. Two concerts will be held every evening from 28th to 30th June, starting at 18:30h and ending at 22:00h. You can find the exact programme and artists’ names on the festival’s website. If three days of world Latin jazz are simply not enough for you you could always visit Studio 5 which is one of the newest jazz clubs in Sofia. […]
June 23, 2013

Sofia Design Week 2013

Summer has finally arrived in Sofia. 30+ degrees, burning sun and weekend escapades to the woods. Holiday mood is taking over but it’s still too early for vacation, the season has just started. No need to worry though. There are still some things that can take your mind off the long awaited holidays and show you a good time in Sofia. One of those things is Sofia Design Week (SDW) which kicked off on 18th June with its kids programme. The days between 18th and 30th June will be filled with various events. You will have the chance to enjoy numerous exhibitions, workshops, discussions, talks, screenings, parties, book openings and events for children. Sofia Design Week (21 – 30 June) is an international festival for design and visual culture that takes place every year in June. It’s also a good way to divert oneself during the hot summer days in the city. For more information on the different activities available you can browse through the festival’s website. For most people […]
June 20, 2013

Free Sofia Tour и протестите

Една от основните цели на нашето сдружение е повишаване на активността сред младите. Въпреки това обаче Сдружение Фрий София Тур (скоро Сдружение 365) и проектът му Free Sofia Tour не заемат позиция по отношение протестите в България. Появата на логото на Free Sofia Tour по време на протестите не е съгласувано със нашата организация, не одобряваме използването му за подобни цели и по никакъв начин това не изразява политическите възгледи на екипа! Разчитаме на адекватната преценка на всеки от нашите членове и фенове да изразят своята гражданска позиция по предпочитан от тях начин. Поласкани сме, че някой е решил да използва нашето лого за протеста и се надяваме целта му да е била да популяризира нашата дейност. Знаем, че пътят към ада е осеян с добри намерения. Надяваме се този човек да се разпознае на снимката и да уважи нашата позиция. Нашата работа е да се борим за положителна промяна в имиджа на България и го правим всеки ден. Единственото място, където може да видите одобрено от нас използване на логото […]
June 20, 2013

World Refugee Day

Since 2001, by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, June 20 has been celebrated as World Refugee Day, coinciding with the African Refugee Day. Here in Bulgaria we host plenty of refugees and asylum seekers since we are an outer border of the EU. For the last ten years, on average, 1000 people per year have been filing an application for such a status. Most of them flee their countries of origin for political reasons. They are all looking for a peaceful place to settle down and quite a few of them recognize Bulgaria as such. Since February 2013, our Association together with the guides from Free Sofia Tour have been actively involved in showing our capital to the people applying for a refugee status, thus contributing to brightening up their everyday lives. This way we hope that no matter outcome of their application, they will all treasure the good memory of our country. The first tour with refugees and asylum seekers took place in February of this year and was led in […]
June 10, 2013

365 Association is looking for a logo

We are a non-profit organization for public benefit working for tourism and culture. You have probably seen us waiting in front of the Palace of Justice in Sofia, the Central Post Office in Plovdiv, and the Cathedral in Varna holding a sign, and gathering enthusiastic tourists for a free walking tour around the city. We used to be called Free Sofia Tour but we’ve grown up. We don’t feel comfortable anymore saying that the Free Sofia Tour Association organizes the Free Varna Tour. Hi, we’re 365 Association. We needed a name to reflect all of our projects. But worry not – we’re not renaming our most successful project, the Free Sofia Tour! You might have also happened on one of our exhibitions on the Lovers’ Bridge or in Kristal Park in Sofia. We also show our capital both to refugees and asylum seekers. We try to pass our experience onto students. We are currently writing our memoirs. We like to exchange knowledge with cities from all over Europe. We are […]
June 10, 2013

Сдружение 365 си търси лого

Ние сме сдружение с нестопанска цел в обществена полза, което се занимава с туризъм и култура. Виждал си ни да чакаме пред Съдебната палата в София, Централната поща в Пловдив и пред Катедралата във Варна с табелка в ръка и да събираме ентусиазирани туристи за безплатна разходка из града. ENGLISH VERSION Казвахме се “Фрий София Тур”, но пораснахме. Вече не ни е удобно да казваме, че сдружение “Фрий София Тур” организира Free Varna Tour. Добър ден, ние сме от Сдружение 365. Трябваше ни име, което да обединява всичките ни проекти. Няма да прекръстваме най-успешния си проект Free Sofia Tour, спокойно! Възможно е да си попадал на наши изложби на Моста на влюбените или в градинката Кристал в София. Показваме столицата и на бежанци и търсещи закрила. Опитваме се да предаваме опита си на ученици. В момента пишем мемоари. Обменяме опит с градове от цяла Европа. Търсят ни да им даваме акъл от места като Истанбул, Кадиз, Виена и Тенерифе. Развиваме социална програма за деца в неравностойно положение. Разработихме маршрут за […]
June 7, 2013

The Spring Training of 2013

It’s that time of the year again and, like everything else in the world, when spring arrives, the team of Free Sofia Tour likes to see new additions to its numbers. A total of 48 active and eager people were brave enough to tackle the two-and-a-half months long process. As usual, after the initial personal meeting, there were three separate stages that applicants had to survive. First of all, they had to join three different members of our team for three separate tours among the landmarks and intricacies of downtown Sofia. The purpose of this was basically for them to see how it’s done, what is a must, what is a can-do and what is a no-no. It might sound like easy as pie, but the fact is only sixteen people completed this stage successfully. The next hurdle was our exam mock tour of Sofia. At this stage fifteen of the above people (one went for an internship abroad but promised to return and resume his training) were joined by […]
June 6, 2013

Kyustendil: A Hidden Gem

Kyustendil is not one of those pushy places that get right up to your face and demand your attention. In fact, rather aristocratically, it just is there and it’s up to your own initiative and inquisitiveness to discover it. Quite frankly, you should, because there’s a lot going on there. If you ask a Bulgarian about Kyustendil, most likely they will tell you one thing: ‘cherries’. The whole region is famous within the country with the production of the best quality specimens of this fruit and, accordingly, the town holds an annual Cherry Festival. It was this festival that the 365 Association was invited to witness by the Culture and Spiritual Development Department of the Kyustendil municipality. However, it is not the only thing that was the focus of our visit. Our wonderfully welcoming and helpful hosts made sure it became quite clear that the town has a lot more to offer. Where is Kyustendil? Located in southwest Bulgaria, from a tourist point of view the place basically has everything. If you’re […]
June 3, 2013

The Rhodopes – Where Time Has Stopped

When was the last time that bird songs were the only sound around, your lungs were full of oxygen, and your eyes could not grasp the immensity of the sky with the snowy mountain peaks piercing through it on the horizon? Somewhere deep in the Rhodope mountains the clocks have stopped ticking. As if it is still the time when young boys and girls from times long forgotten were laughing around in the steep cobble stone streets, women were knitting socks on a bench in front of the church and men were gathering the goats from grazing. There you can taste the past of a nation, you can breathe it; it can make you shudder. You start wondering whether to watch, take pictures, or just close your eyes and let the Universe pulsate in your chest. There your breath turns into eternity. You are alive! Have you just realized that? While taking a sip from the home-made strawberry juice or perhaps the red wine in the local roadside tavern, the stars laid out above your head in their entirety. Have […]