November 25, 2012

Free city tours

The family of free walking city tours around the world is growing constantly. The list reached 91 and I am sure there may be more that we don’t know of. The latest editions come from three different continents – Seattle Free Tours, Free Tour Seoul and Cape Town Free Tours. Some of these tours are daily, some happen couple of days per week, while others run only on special occasions like the San Fermín Free Tour during the festivities in Pamplona in Spain. Why would you join a “free” tour and where’s the catch? There’s no catch. Most of the tours are led by enthusiastic guides that love their cities. It’s mostly locals with very good English. As you can imagine, they know a lot more than guide books and are not afraid to share a personal insight or a secret story. The guides usually try to make the tour fun, not just history but entertainment without being shallow. The tour is usually every day (sometimes even twice a day), at a fixed time, no reservation […]
November 11, 2012

The Largo – Birdview

During our tour with the Youth Pharmacists Assembly in early November, we had the amazing opportunity to take some awesome birdview pictures of Autumn Sofia – with the kind cooperation of Unicredit Bulbank. Apart from Sofia’s landmarks, a typical birdview of Sofia is represented on the two pictures below – a mixture between temples (the tower of the Catholic Cathedral), spread reddish or brownish roofs, factory chimneys and Communist blocks of flats 🙂  
November 10, 2012

Лица от началото 1989/1990

Сайтът „Изгубената България” отново прави опит за един по-балансиран и мълчалив поглед върху близкото минало, този път чрез фотографиите на Огнян Христов. Вярно е, че е изминало твърде малко време от началото на „промените” или „прехода”, както свикнахме да ги наричаме, и „десети ноември”, който се превърна бързо в новия „девети септември” не само по съзвучие. Казват, че сто години са малко за трезв поглед назад, но и цял век, измерен в човешки живот е почти невъзможна формула… Фотограф Огнян Христов 10 – 25 ноември 2012 г. Галерия на открито – Градинката пред Кристал Помним ли лицата от преди две десетилетия? Лицата от началото, може би смели в избора си да се покажат открито, може би обединени от броя си, но със сигурност заедно в надеждата си. Лица, някои от тях добре познати, други отдавна забравени, нашите лица. Те всички гледат в бъдещето, където сега сме ние. Нека им върнем един поглед оттук, от нашето настояще. Лентите, от които са подбрани тези кадри, дълги години събират прах в дома на […]
November 9, 2012

Youth Pharmacists Assembly on Tour

Earlier this month we had one of the biggest groups in the history of our tour! About 120 visitors – participants in an annual Youth Pharmacist Summit – took part in Free Sofia Tour on November 1st. These conferences take place twice a year in different cities across Europe, so some people from the group have actually already met before. For most of those, to rediscover each other when they meet again at the next conference in a new city, is the highlight of their stay. The group was super diverse, since it included people from more than 24 nations. They have been in Sofia since last Sunday and up until the tour they hadn’t seen much of the city. Four of our guides were available to reveal them some secrets about Sofia.             In the evenings they usually go out in a closed-doors private party format, so they don’t really have the chance to meet many locals. Meeting our guides was really entertaining and […]
November 6, 2012

“San Francisco Visual Cut” Exhibition

Through the streets, to the walls and in the air…everywhere you go you feel the smell… the cars are bigger and the people are living in Victorian houses build on steep hills.  It is sunny, but it’s cold! It’s the place that you wanna spend the rest of your life because people are friendly, standard of living is high and you feel that you are on the top of the world where all the modern technology is revealed! The difference between Sofia and San Francisco is as big as the miles you have to travel and reach from one side of the world to the other. Maybe that is the beauty of it! Maybe that is something that will be interesting to see in one exhibition, where you will feel a small visual cut of the city of San Francisco that will reveal the art, the habits and the spirit of this city. Seen from the perspective of a foreigner living in Sofia who has spent 4 summers in San Francisco. Filip […]
November 5, 2012

Free Sofia Tour’s website at the finals of BG Site 2012

Our website was nominated by the jury for the finals of the BG Site 2012 competition. We were selected to be in the Top 3 among 26 other websites in the category: “Cause. Event. Community“. We can also grab the audience award if you vote for us till tomorrow 😉 It takes only 30 seconds. Please vote and spread the word! Just go to, search, tick our website, click “Продължи” and fill in your email in the box on the next page. Then click on “Изпрати”. You will get an email with a confirmation link! Thank you so much 🙂 We would like to thank those responsible for our great website: Copyright © 2011 FREE SOFIA TOUR Web design: Logo and brand design: Development: Nikolay Marinov Hard work behind the scenes: Team of FST