August 13, 2012

Happy Second Birthday, Free Sofia Tour!

It has been two years since the guests of Sofia can join Free Sofia Tour and enjoy the friendly company and exciting stories of our guides around the center of Sofia. This is a very special day for us and it would have definitely not been the same without you – our (future) guests, friends, partners, supporters! Here is what the figures say about us: 19.000 guests from more than 110 countries and 6 continents. Most come from Europe and North America. Top 10 foreign countries visiting our tour are USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, France, Holland, Canada, Austria, and Italy. However, we have had visitors from a lot of countries Bulgarian consider ‘exotic’, like Tunisia, Indonesia, Qatar, even the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe! 19.000 people who fell in love with Sofia like us and left Bulgaria smiling and willing to come back. Almost 1.300 different tour groups. We continue to have tours regardless any weather or holiday issues. Since our groups are becoming larger and larger, we […]
August 11, 2012

Free Sofia Tour Recommended by a Lonely Planet Blogger

Very recently, a Lonely Planet Blogger visited our Free Sofia Tour and included it in his Top 5 Awesome Tips for a Seriously Cheap Trip to Sofia article. Our tour is described as tip number one: Take the Free Sofia Walking Tour A fun, very comprehensive, interesting tour, this FREE walking tour is given by knowledgeable and well trained locals and covers parts of the city you won’t find on your own (the Byzantine Church inside the courtyard of the Presidential palace for example). The tours are so popular they have to give them twice every day – 11am and 6pm at the Palace of Justice (just look for the giant lion statues opposite the McDonald’s on Vitosha Blvd. If you see a place called ‘Happy’ you’re close by). At the end of the tour, if you enjoyed it, simply give the volunteer guide a tip! You donate depending on what you think the tour was worth and what you can afford – a great experience at a good price! […]