November 25, 2011

Bulgarian railways strike

Bulgarian railway workers are set to strike every day from 8 am till 4 pm. Keep that in mind if you are coming by train to Sofia from other cities in Bulgaria, Belgrade, Bucharest, Istanbul! Delays are inevitable… Hope you will make it in time for your evening tour, though 🙂 Source:
November 24, 2011

Sofia Tourist Logo

English summary below/ Резултатите от конкурса за ново туристическо лого на София бяха обявени вчера в Културно-информационния център. На първо място са “Ралев Ком” ЕООД (, известни още като хората, правили логото и уебдизайна на Free Sofia Tour. Честито и на останалите участници! Петте наградени лога ще бъдат представени на Консултативния съвет по въпросите на туризма към Столична Община, който ще прецени кои и как да използва. Според първоначалната информацията от конкурса, организиран от ОП “Туристическо обслужване” избраният графичен знак ще бъде неразделна част от печатни рекламни материали, информационни и промоционални носители, сувенири и албуми, уеб сайт, електронна реклама и всички възможни медии с цел визуално комуникиране и налагане на туристическия етикет (лейбъл) на град София в дългосрочен план. В началото на декември предстои да бъде организирана изложба в информационния център в подлеза на Софийския университет, на която да бъдат показани участниците в конкурса. Според информация на организаторите в момента се подготвя и нов сайт, който да предоставя повече информация за възможностите за туризъм в столицата. English summary: Tourist Service Municipal […]
November 20, 2011

Communist era monuments

Many of the iconic communist era monuments in Bulgaria were dismantled after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989. Nevertheless, more than one hundred important monuments built between 1945 and 1989 remain standing. The majority of these sites are not recognized by the state and they remain ownerless. Their exact number is unknown and it is difficult to find information about their authors and their history. Nikola Mihov’s photographic series “Forget Your Past” reveals 14 of the most significant communist era monuments in Bulgaria. If you have visited the center of Sofia, one of the photos the series will definitely look familiar – Monument 1300 Years Bulgaria built in 1981. Lots of people who have passed by the National Palace of Culture have wondered and asked us what this strange monument is. The public debate concerning its future continues. Should it be demolished or renovated?
November 19, 2011

Online museum of socialism

Версия на български отдолу/ The recently opened Museum of Socialist Art is definitely missing large aspects of the work of the artists during that period. Moreover, it could hardly be described as museum of communism, although that’s how a lot of people refer to it. In order to fill some of the gaps and present different areas of Bulgarian graphic design from the time of socialism, comes SOCMUS by photographer Nikola Mihov and architects Martin Angelov & Valeri Gyurov. This virtual museum focuses thoroughly on the artistic value of the works and not on their historic or political context. The SOCMUS-collection is constantly updated and the museum blog presents significant authors who worked in the period 1944-1989 as well as other thematically connected projects. SOCMUS is not bound with political, private or governmental organizations or cultural institutions. Check out some cool posters in their collection – Days of Cuban Culture in Bulgaria in 1979 & Gathering of DJs from youth discos. English version is above/ Откритият наскоро Музей на социалистическото изкуство определено пропуска голяма част от изкуството през […]
November 18, 2011

Pro Bono legal services

We would like to thank Eurolex Bulgaria because they provided pro bono legal services to the Free Sofia Tour Association. In the very beginning of our existence they put their trust in our newly-created NGO and answered for free some specific questions that we had concerning our activities. These guys believe that the provision of legal services is more than just a business – they see it as their corporate mission. Since the establishment of Eurolex Bulgaria, they are constantly engaged in various types of social initiatives. They firmly believe that there are objectives, activities and persons whose significance is not measured by their potential profitability but by their socially important cause. In their practice they have assisted individuals, NGOs, government and municipal authorities. They always treat their pro bono clients with the commitment and professional attitude assigned to their usual activity. Eurolex Bulgaria supports initiatives in areas such as education, environment, health, literature, art etc.
November 1, 2011

Free Sofia Tour in Manager Magazine

Прочетете защо чужденците харесват София и какви са трите желания към софийската златна рибка на Ваня, Крис и Бойко в новия брой на сп. Мениджър. (An interview with Vanya, Kris and Boyko in the new edition of Manager Magazine, only in Bulgarian):