September 26, 2011

WordPress creator visits Free Sofia Tour

Another high-profile visit. Matt Mullenweg, the guy who created WordPress, joined the evening tour 🙂 Thanks for the great platform – we use it in our blog!
September 26, 2011
Museum of Communism

Museum of Communism

Twenty two years after the fall of Communism in Bulgaria, Sofia finally has its own Memento Park. (Link to the park) Everybody kept saying how Bulgaria was the only country in Eastern Europe without a museum for these 45 years in its history. Even in the National Museum of History there’s a weird emptiness between 1944 and 1989. Well, finally we can see the red star that used to be part of our tour for around 8 months properly displayed next to imposing statues of Lenin and Georgi Dimitrov. I understood why they called it Museum of Socialist Art instead of Museum of Communism. But I have no idea why they used the word “museum” at all. This place is basically a great gallery of socialist art. No surprise that it’s managed by the National Art Gallery. You can see impressive statues and sculptures in the yard as well as beautiful paintings in the exhibition hall. If you ask me, Bulgaria still doesn’t have a museum of communism. I was […]
September 23, 2011

Italian Ambassador and Mayor of Sofia visit

As part of the programme of the last day of the European Mobility Week, Free Sofia Tour showed the city to the Italian Embassy together with His Excellency Stefano Benazzo: Even the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova greeted Free Sofia Tour during the World Carfree Day, 22nd of September. We had the pleasure to take a photo together in the middle of one of the busiest boulevard in Sofia. No cars this time. The Italian Chamber of Commerce magazine included information about the event in its latest edition. See more photos of all our events on the European Mobility Week Photo Album on Facebook. You can still see Sofia without cars till the end of the week… on a photo.
September 23, 2011

The hidden poetry of Sofia

Did you know that there are 28 poems from 28 countries in Europe on the walls of 28 buildings in Sofia? You probably see some of them every day but haven’t realized they are all part of a common project. At our info stand during European Mobility Week we decided to create a game with the poems in order to make people explore the city and have fun at the same time. They had to pick a random building, guess a riddle to find out which exactly it is, look for the poem on it and take a photo with it in order to win a “Like 2 Bike” t-shirt. See the winners in our European Mobility Week Photo Album on Facebook. Wall-To-Wall Poetry project is a celebration of the European message of unity in diversity. It was initiated by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bulgaria but became a European project in which EU member states and candidate countries share their poetry with Sofia. Within the project each embassy adopted a wall […]
September 22, 2011

Independence Day

On 22nd of September Bulgaria celebrates the anniversary of the proclamation of independence from the Ottoman Empire. On that date Bulgaria became again a sovereign kingdom (tsardom). That’s why 22nd and 23rd of September are non-working days and Bulgarians get a four-day weekend. Despite this fact, Free Sofia Tour would still be running. We would expect you every day, twice a day. The Declaration of Independence is part of a long chain of events between the Liberation (1878) and the WWII (1945) which sometimes gets even well-informed observers confused. The fact that the Unification and the Independence are celebrated in the same month also doesn’t make things much easier. There’s a good article in Wikipedia on the today’s event so we won’t have to retell the story. However, in order to understand these events with all the political and military fighting, people should take a look at the whole period 1878-1945. Here are some milestones that should not be missed in case you are interested in that period of our history: San […]
September 21, 2011

Италианският посланик ще посети Free Sofia Tour

Италианският посланик Н. пр. г-н Стефано Бенацо ще посети безплатната пешеходна обиколка на София Free Sofia Tour в 11 ч. на Европейския ден без автомобили – 22 септември. Визитата е част от програмата на Европейската седмица на мобилността, в която София участва от 16 до 22 септември. Г-н Бенацо ще се включи в организираната от сдружение „Фрий София Тур” обиколка заедно с други представители на Италианското посолство. Сред тях ще има и такива, които наскоро са пристигнали в града и за първи път ще имат възможност да го разгледат по-подробно. Посланик Бенацо подкрепя кандидатурата на София за Европейска културна столица през 2019 г. и е част от организационния комитет. Италия и България са поканени да излъчат градовете /по един от двете държави/, които ще получат титлата “Европейска столица на културата” за 2019 г. В деня без автомобили жители и гости на София ще могат да научат повече за София и да спечелят награда, ако посетят информационния щанд на сдружение „Фрий София Тур”, който също е част от Европейската седмица на […]
September 20, 2011

The new videos about Bulgaria

Вижте новите видеоклипове за България на националния туристически портал (Check out the new videos about Bulgaria on the national tourist portal
September 17, 2011

Happy Day of Sofia (the divine city)!

Bulgaria’s capital celebrates St. Sofia Day – the date when the Orthodox world pays homage to the Holy Martyrs Sofia and her three daughters Faith, Hope and Love. In 1992 Sofia municipal council selected this date for Sofia’s Day at the proposal of the then mayor. Between 1979 and 1992 Sofia’s Day was marked on April 3, the day when Sofia was pronounced Bulgaria’s capital back in 1879. However, the city got it’s current name somewhere around the 14th century because of the church Hagya Sophia (from the Greek: Ἁγία Σοφία, “Holy Wisdom”). The church is part of the Free Sofia Tour. According to the priest In the theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Holy Wisdom is understood as the Divine Logos who became incarnate as Jesus Christ. Especially for FST father Angel from the church underlined that Sofia is named after Jesus Christ which makes it a divine city and people should be proud of that. Of course, he underlined that we should also commemorate the sacrifice of the three girls and their mother. The […]
September 15, 2011

Ultimate Adventures in Bulgaria

“If you’re bored in Bulgaria, you’re bored of life.” Right? That’s what the Ultimate Triptrotter Yolanda Clatworthy wrote in a blog article and showed in a movie about her stay in Bulgaria. Free Sofia Tour became part of the adventures of the Ultimate Triptrotter. Yolanda went on a month-long Europe trip by winning a video competition by Triptrotting. Of course, Bulgaria was part of her trip and of course, Free Sofia Tour was part of her visit here. As a triptrotter, I was her host here in Sofia. I am only sad that I was quite busy and couldn’t spend more time with her because she is tons of fun. Thanks for the great time, Yolanda and for the great materials about Bulgaria.   Check out also what Yolanda wrote about Bulgaria: Ultimate Adventures: Bored in Bulgaria? Triptrotting is a personalized matching engine that connects travelers with like-minded locals online to facilitate an offline meeting, and provides relevant travel recommendations.  The Triptrotting network gives travelers a far less “touristy” travel experience […]