July 26, 2011

Record number of guests

140 guests in one day. A new Free Sofia Tour record. 23+ countries. 4 continents (so far we’ve had guests from 5 different continents at a single tour, we are now aiming at 6… why not even 7). As you may know, we prefer smaller groups. This way the Free Sofia Tour experience is more personal and better for both sides. That’s why if you are coming with a bigger group, let us know in advance, so that we can provide more volunteers to show you around. Fortunately, this time we expected the bigger group for the morning tour on 16th of July. 85 students from a English-language summer school, organized by the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). Apart from them, there were also 30 “regular” guests at 11AM. This was the second big group from AUBG for us. The week before that (9th of July) we revealed Sofia’s secrets to 94 AUBG students from the same summer school. We have already established good relations with AUBG. Free Sofia Tour Association […]
July 21, 2011

FST on Bulgarian National Television

Free Sofia Tour was presented in the prime time of Bulgarian National Television. The evening news reporter went on a tour with Mitko to see how we reveal Sofia to our guests every day, twice a day. The video is still in Bulgarian, but soon we will publish it with subtitles on our Youtube channel. Here’s a highlight from it in English: Foreigners see the city through the eyes of their young voluntary guides – well-educated, funny and sincere. They depict an image of Sofia and Bulgaria that does not include only Shopska salad and rose oil, an image far from the clichés, an image that doesn’t hide even the beggars and the burned rugs in front of the mosque… And yet tourists like the capital.  
July 20, 2011

Free Sofia Tour on bTV

Free Sofia Tour is one of the things that could make your stay in Sofia cheaper, confirms a news report on bTV (in Bulgarian, unfortunately we are not allowed to use the video and add subtitles). Moreover, it’s also a very good value. Our great quality is checked every day, twice a day and constantly testified for by our guests. Read what they say about their experience with Free Sofia Tour.
July 19, 2011

International Folklore Festival Sofia

The International Folklore Festival Sofia starts on July 21, the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides reports. At 6:30 PM dowtown there will be a parade, while the opening concert will start at 8 PM in front of the National Palace of Culture. You can find detailed programme of the festival here: http://bit.ly/nVcfIl
July 19, 2011

Free Sofia Tour on BBT

Free Sofia Tour’s Denica Todorova was interviewed in the morning show of BBT in Bulgaria. Watch the whole video on the TV’s website and even download it from there. So far only in Bulgarian but hopefully we would soon publish it with subtitles in English on our Youtube channel.
July 15, 2011

Sofia by night… by bike

Just came back from a bike tour around night Sofia with more than 140 participants. Quite an exciting experience. This is already the 5th Sofia Cycling Night. There are very nice street lights around almost all the city center so you get a very different (in a good way) impression at night. Our winter guests all know that since almost the whole winter our 6PM tour finished (and at some point even started) after dark: I didn’t stay till the end of the bike ride because I was not well prepared. Biking with more than 140 people you would expect a mess. Especially in a city where bike lanes look like that: But I can assure you – it was quite an organized group, following traffic rules, respecting the others. Well, maybe making too much noise at some points but it was all for good cause. A symphony of horns and shouts of excited people. Add to that the sound of the so-called “magic tiles” and any composer would be jealous of the […]
July 15, 2011

Beware of magic tiles

There’s water everywhere in Sofia and that impresses a lot of our guests. Today one of my Dutch guests exclaimed with admiration: “You have so many beautiful fountains everywhere in Sofia! In Amsterdam we have plenty of water, but we don’t have so many fountains. Here it’s great!” Тhis usually goes together with a compliment on how many nice parks (just one example here) we have and how clean our city is. This same guest was constantly comparing Sofia with Amsterdam (always ending in favour of Sofia), and the only time she noticed two plastic bottles in the grass, she assured me: “Those must have been left from some tourists!” We also have a lot of mineral water springs. That is one of the reasons why the Romans settled in Serdica (former name of Sofia) thousands of years ago. And not only Serdica – whole Bulgaria is covered by mineral water springs. According to the Bulgarian popular science magazine “Osem”, most of them have been explored thoroughly and our researchers are aware […]
July 14, 2011

Cycling Sofia Night

The weekly (every Thursday) Cycling Sofia Night starts again today 21:00 at Ariana lake. Let’s bike around night Sofia together and further promote biking in the city! Hopefully this would raise awareness about bike safety, make the car drivers more careful, bring us more bike lanes and maybe even the possibility to go with a bike into the subway (following some conditions, of course, just like in most cities in the world). Here’s the Facebook event for tonight’s ride. Watch the video from the last (fourth) ride:  
July 9, 2011

Sofia Breathes Music & Mellow Music

During the day we recommend to visit Shishman Street, right next to the last stop of the tour. The street and and its intersections will be car-free again and its sidewalks will offer a fine selection of the most colorful Bulgarian buskers. The event is Mellow Music Festival’s area for young or less-known bands and musicians of all styles. Two stages will get the audience acquainted with innovative Bulgarian live bands and DJ’s. Sofia Breathes Music is a joint of the Sofia Municipality and Magazine 1. After that in the evening – it’s time for Mellow Open Air at the Borisova Garden that starts at 17:00 and later on the Mellow Music Festival continues in the clubs. Check the full schedule here: http://edno.bg/en/mellowfestival/ Source: Edno.bg