June 29, 2011

New free wi-fi areas in Sofia

There would be new free wi-fi access in South Park (Yuzhen park), part of Studentski Grad neighbourhood and Mall of Sofia, the Sofia Echo reports. There are already quite a lot of areas with free public wi-fi access like Zaimov Park, Doctor’s garden, Halite, the central bus station and the metro stations. You can also expect that most of the cafes, restaurants and bars would have free wi-fi. Sometimes you might have to ask for a password at the counter or something but generally it’s free. You just have to your own device. Unlike other countries, it’s relatively easy here to find free internet. If you don’t have a wi-fi device, you can ask to use a computer at your place of accommodation or you can use a computer at the Tourist Information Center in the underpass of Sofia University. Bulgarian state railways (БДЖ) would also start a pilot project to introduce wi-fi in its trains, again a report by Sofia Echo. Just keep in mind that travelling by train is not the […]
June 29, 2011

Free Sofia Tour in Forbes Bulgaria

We didn’t get into Forbes 500 or something (I don’t think they list non-profits) but we contributed to a special feature about tourism in Bulgaria. You can find our box on page 48 of Forbes Bulgaria July edition with data about visitors of the free Sofia walking tours. Read the full piece on the pages of the Forbes Bulgaria July edition.
June 27, 2011

Free Sofia Tour on Radio Bulgaria

Free Sofia Tour got featured on Radio Bulgaria – the official international broadcasting station of Bulgaria, part of the Bulgarian National Radio. The article about the tour was translated in several languages. Pick the one of your choice: Bulgarian – Млади доброволци показват на туристите забележителностите на София English – Young volunteers offer free Sofia tour to foreign visitors Russian – Молодые добровольцы показывают туристам достопримечательности Софии French – Des jeunes volontaires vous font faire le tour de Sofia… Spanish – Jóvenes voluntarios enseñan a los turistas los sitios de interés turístico de Sofía Serbian – Млади волонтери показују туристима знаменитости Софије (Free Sofia Tour) Greek – Νέοι εθελοντές δείχνουν στους τουρίστες τα αξιοθέατα της Σόφιας Albanian – Free Sofia Tour për të gjithë vizituesit e kryeqytetit bullgar
June 23, 2011

The red star is gone

Можете да прочетете тази статия на български език в Actualno.com. End of an era. Quite literally. It all happened probably because the soldiers on the Soviet army monument were turned into cartoon characters (The Joker, Wolverine, Santa Claus, Superman, Ronald McDonald, Captain America, Robin, and Wonder Woman, to be precise). This caused such a big debate that the authorities were perhaps afraid that something similar might happen to other Soviet memorabilia just left around in the city. That’s why they decided to move one of the highlights of our tours. What a surprise to see that the five-point red star that once used to be on top of the Communist Headquarters is no longer standing in the yard of the Central Public Bathhouse. It was a huge hit during our tour and even made a couple of headlines (check, for example: The Red Star? by Sofia Echo’s Gabriel Hershman). Actually they took it down in the middle of yesterday’s morning tour. Read Mitko’s story on how our guests reacted to history […]
June 22, 2011

History in the making

I was taking my group this morning to the former bathhouse of Sofia to show them the famous five-point star in the yard behind the fence. Started talking about the mineral waters, the people that go there to fill up their bottles and other stuff with the intention to distract my guests completely and build up to the moment I will rock their worlds with the red star. When the time came I turned around and said something like: “And now I would like to show you something… Although I am not sure if I will be able to…” That’s right, where the star usually stood we saw big open truck with a crane, blocking our view. Quite disappointing. It’s a bit hard to make your point about “this world famous symbol of communism” without people being able to see the world famous symbol of communism, isn’t it? I tried to do the best of a bad situation. I explained that they happened to be the unluckiest people to ever […]
June 20, 2011

Soviet army monument gets new graffiti

Soviet army monument in Sofia got a touch of colour 🙂 Check out the gallery of Sofia Echo. There’s a big debate in Bulgaria what to do with the monument – destroy it, move it (to a museum or why not a park like this one: http://bit.ly/FjyHs) or keep it as it is.
June 16, 2011

Opera in the park

Starting June 18th is the second edition of “Opera In the Park” – a wonderful opportunity to enjoy classical opera and ballet performances in the pleasant ambience of the the Military Academy park, Sofia! Check out the full schedule here.
June 15, 2011

Italian Festival in Bulgaria 2011

Italian Festival in Bulgaria 2011 until 1st of July – wine & food tasting, concerts, seminars and so on 🙂 Comprehensive programme only in Bulgarian & Italian. Check out the English version here.
June 14, 2011

Month of Photography 2011

Sofia will host Bulgaria’s biggest photographic event during the Month of Photography 2011, from June 15 to July 30 2011. Read more: Month of photography starts in Sofia