April 30, 2011

Free Bulgarian music concert

BG Radio (91.9 FM Sofia) celebrates 10 years with a free concert in Sofia tomorrow at 8PM (20:00) on Alexander Battenberg square. This radio presents only Bulgarian pop and rock music if you are curious about those 🙂 Source: http://www.programata.bg/?p=52&l=2&c=1&id=65892
April 23, 2011

FST in Karolinka In & Around Bulgaria

An American teacher who has already been living in Bulgaria for three years visited the free walking tour of Sofia today. She was nice enough to then share with us her thoughts about her experience in her blog, labelled Karolinka In & Around Bulgaria. Read the whole review or some highlights: “They’re great. Really great I might add. They were organized. Thoughtful. Knowledgeable. Well-spoken. Good looking. And they made sure that no one got lost and no one got hit by a car. That last one is pretty important considering the nightmare that is traffic in Sofia and the huge amount of construction happening downtown these days.” “The tour did a great job balancing history, culture and place. My guide was very fluent in English and knowledgeable about the city. He did a really great job navigating the various interests of our diverse group.” “Mostly, I went along to take pictures and to check out the quality of the tour. The quality you might ask? Top-notch and I’ve been on my […]
April 21, 2011

Easter traditions in Bulgaria

If you are in Bulgaria, you should definitely participate in some egg painting today 🙂 You can also do that on Saturday. After that, it comes the time for a fight with the coloured eggs. Read more: Orthodox Bulgaria Marks Maundy Thursday
April 21, 2011

Normal working hours on Easter

Even during the Easter celebrations Free Sofia Tour would run twice a day. We would be waiting for you every day at 11AM and 6PM!
April 20, 2011

Bulgaria is not in the eurozone yet

Bulgaria still does not use the euro. Keep that in mind when you are visiting. Our currency ‘lev’ (did you know it meant ‘lion’?) is pegged to the EUR so 1 EUR is officially 1.95583 BGN. We had a guest from Japan today who was coming from Greece and she didn’t realize that we are not using the EUR. So unfortunately she paid twice as much for a hotdog (1.20 EUR instead of 1.20 BGN) and a taxi ride which is overpriced even in leva (20 EUR instead of 20 BGN). Of course, ignorantia juris non excusat, so be extremely careful. And of course, things like that happen everywhere in the world, especially the touristy places.  
April 20, 2011

1000 guests

Free Sofia Tour welcomed its 1000th guest this morning 🙂 There were presents for the whole group this morning (carved wood phials with rose essence, one of the most typical Bulgarian souvenirs, smth like that) and something special for our guests N1000 and N1001 from Serbia (a 1989 coin of 50 levs collector’s edition) 🙂
April 19, 2011

Bad weather

Breaking news: No bad weather can stop Free Sofia Tour! The morning tour is running (actually it’s walking) as we speak, despite the rain in the city 🙂
April 18, 2011

Cheap Bulgaria

Many people say that Bulgaria is a cheap destination. I like to believe that Bulgaria is a good value destination. Today I had two guests (a couple) – a Greek girl and a German boy. It was quite cold so I offered them if they want to join me for dinner and a drink. After we finished our meal and they saw the bill, the girl exclaimed: “It’s so cheap here. I Will never go out in Thessaloniki again because I will feel so bad.“
April 18, 2011

Holy Week in Bulgaria

Another interesting reading about the traditions in Bulgaria surrounding Easter 🙂 It’s the final countdown to painted eggs and kozunak! Bulgarian Orthodox Mark Beginning of Holy Week