February 28, 2011


Free Sofia Tour would be working with normal hours during the upcoming holidays in Bulgaria (3rd-6th of March). Every day at 18:00 and both at 11:00 and 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday. See you when you get there 🙂
February 27, 2011

Delay of the tour

Due to unforeseen circumstances one of our volunteers could not make it this morning in time! We are really sorry for this inconvenience! A back-up was quickly provided and the tour proceeded despite a minor delay 🙂 Hopefully everyone who wanted to join us today managed to participate. If not, please join us tonight at 18:00 and accept our humble apology! Thanks for the understanding!
February 24, 2011

FST at OpenCoffee Demo Day

Free Sofia Tour was presented successfully by Vanya at the third edition of the OpenCoffee Bulgaria Demo Day in Sofia among other interesting projects 🙂 We came a long way during these 6+ months and we would keep pushing forward! Special thanks to the organizers and all the participants for the support!
February 23, 2011

FST on Twitter

You can now follow the latest info about Sofia (things to do, must-see/visit places, ‘breaking’ news etc.) as well as updates about Free Sofia Tour activity on Twitter. For the time being the tweets are automatically generated by the Facebook to Twitter. If you decide to tweet about us, make sure you mention (@FreeSofiaTour) us. You can also share blog posts with just one click.
February 19, 2011

FST on Anonce.bg

An interview with Vanya on Anonce.bg weekly (only in Bulgarian): Ваня от Free Sofia Tour: „Безплатно разкриваме тайните на София”
February 19, 2011

FST on TV+

Free Sofia Tour featured (interview with Boyko) in the morning show of TV+ (watch it in Bulgarian with English subtitles on our Youtube channel):  
February 19, 2011

Bulgaria Commemorates National Hero Levski

‎”Ако спечеля, печеля за цял народ, ако загубя, губя само мене си.” (Words of our national hero: “If I win, I win for all our people. If I lose – I lose only myself.”) More here: Bulgaria Commemorates National Hero Vasil Levski
February 15, 2011

Stunning exhibition in Sofia Archaeology Museum

Make sure you don’t miss the most recent findings of Bulgarian archaeologists displayed in the National Archaeology Museum in Sofia. Read more: Bulgaria Shows Off Stunning New Archaeology Finds
February 14, 2011

Love & Wine in Sofia

As lovers celebrate St Valentine’s Day, many Bulgarians insist February 14 should be reserved for a traditional Bulgarian celebration – the feast of St. Trifon Zarezan, the patron of vine growing and wine producing. You can choose between two reasons to celebrate tonight after our tour. Or combine them 🙂 Happy St. Valentine’s Day and happy Trifon Zarezan! Source: Bulgarians Happy to Celebrate Both Love and Wine