Adventure seekers, Sofia Alternative Tour is finally here!

365 Association proudly presents the beginning of something unseen… We have been exploring the city the way no tour guide did before. Therefore, we are ready to give you the chance to unfold some secrets that have stayed hidden even for locals. Until now.

Alternative Sofia Tour 1

If you’re always searching for a way off the beaten path;

If you want to see places on your own and take part in a treasure hunt;

If you want to escape from the crowd and participate in something different than your typical tourist experience;

If you’re not afraid of city legends and the ghosts behind them;

If you sometimes act before you think and jump before you are pushed;

If you think you can handle the Bulgarian style of communication;

If you like riddles and you think you can deal with the pieces of the Sofia puzzle;

If you’re comfortable with giving, taking and sharing;

If you’re The Alternative Tourist

Our brand new project is for you.

Alternative Sofia Tour 2

Sofia Alternative Tour has two parts - one, in which you will be the explorer, solving different puzzles on your own and a second one, in which a guide will lead you through your personal experience in our cosy information centre – Gifted /located at Ivan Denkoglu str. 24/

Both parts are equally important so that you have a full understanding of the adventure.

The first part starts at 3 PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Your best friend during the first part will be the starter pack, which contains all the necessary parts to complete the tour. You can buy the starters pack every day from Gifted. Make sure you give yourself at least 2,5 – 3 hours to complete this stage without rushing too much from stop to stop.

You are free to experience the tour as you wish, walk in your own pace and stay as long as you want at the various stops. There are few things that might help you have the best possible experience – allow yourself the liberty to speak with locals and get lost – you never know what hidden treasures you might find.

No matter what you do, make sure that you appear at the final point for the second part of the tour at 18:00 every Monday, Wednesday or Friday! Meeting point: Gifted. 

Only by completing the two parts, you will be voted a true adventurer and alternative tourist in the city of Sofia and you will understand every part of your experience.

If you manage both parts, you will also receive a special gift!

Sofia Alternative Tour 3


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