Two of the founders of Free Sofia Tour – Kristian and Boyko – were interviewed by GRAZIA for the August edition of the magazine. The interview is in Bulgarian, but here are some highlights in English:

Kristian: When I was abroad, I travelled a lot and had heard about free tours in other countries. When I came back I realized that in Sofia there are no free tours, that it’s difficult for the guests of Sofia to get oriented and that they leave our capital without knowing much about it. Then I decided that this should change – so that the guests of Sofia can get to know the city better, come back again or prolong they stay.

Boyko: A substantial percentage of our guests are Bulgarians. They learn about things, which they didn’t know before. They see the city from a different perspective. We have also had guests, who live here and say that they haven’t seen Sofia in the way they’ve seen it with us. It is fantastic that during a tour you can meet 20 people from 10 different countries and sometimes from 5 continents, and you have the opportunity to talk with them for about 2 hours – this is not just a tour, but also an intercultural exchange.

Click here to read the whole interview in GRAZIA magazine (in Bulgarian), or look for it on the magazine pages in the August edition.



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