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We didn’t invent the wheel. Other cities around the world had started free walking tours so in August 2010 we decided it was high time that Sofia joined. It was only logical that we would contact other tours to exchange info, ideas and know-how. An informal network was created and soon the idea of the common flyer came up:

We present you – United Europe Free Tours. In other words – if you are travelling to BarcelonaBerlin, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Ceski Krumolov, LisbonLjubjana , London, MadridPrague or San Sebastian   make sure you don’t miss the tours organized by our great friends there. A click on the name of the city in the text would send you to their websites for more information.

These are the best free tours in terms of quality and entertainment. Just look at their testimonials and rankings on TripAdvisor provided by the users that already had the pleasure of joining any of the United Europe Free Tours. No booking is required. Just show up at their meeting spots with a smile.

Did you know that there are free tours in lots of cities in the world beside the Sofia free tour? A lot of people who join our tour like the idea so much that they decide to make something like that in their home cities. So don’t be surprised if you soon see a free tour in Turin (Italy), Beirut (Lebanon) or Oaxaca (Mexico) apart from the tours already operating below.

Sorted by city name:


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  1. Hello.
    I saw “Tbilisi Free tour” in the list, which one anymore not operate.
    Can you guys just updated list and put our tour? We will be so happy :)

  2. Hey guys,

    We are a non-profit org that organizes FreeWalkingTours in Thessaloniki, Greece. Please condider adding us in your list! Here is a link to our website:

    Keep up the goood work,
    Cheers from

  3. [...] mai complexe ( boardingarea free tours , triptrotting free tours , priceoftravel free tours ; free walking tours ) la care am mai facut o scurta verificare a site-urilor sa fie functionale si am adaugat tururile [...]

  4. pauline says:

    Hi, I note Bogota is missing in your list.Please consider Heroes Tour Bogota: Colombia vs Pablo Escobar, the anti-clichés free walking tour :)

  5. Hannawaston says:

    We provide free walking tours in Hanoi- capital of Vietnam. Would be very appreciative if you would add us to your list. Of course, we welcome you to visit our website at

  6. Chris says:

    Rembrandt free walking tour is everyday at 1pm at the Nieuwmarkt. The tour tells you everything about this great artist.

  7. Lisa says:


    we would like to introduce to you Free City Tour Kathmandu the first Free walking Tour in Kathmandu!

    We would be honored if you would put us in your great list!

    Thank you

  8. CK says:


  9. Abood says:

    This is Abood from Free Bethlehem Walking Tours

    Visit the beautiful city of Bethlehem where Jesus was born with the most significant historical and Religious sites in Bethlehem: the Nativity Church, the Manger Square, Bethlehem University, the Refugee camps, the separation wall, the Old City and a stunning panoramic view of Bethlehem.

    • Local tour guides.
    • Meeting point in front of Bonjour Restaurant near Bethlehem University.
    • Every Monday & Thursday at 11:00 AM (You may request tours on other days as well).
    • Tour duration up to 2 hours.
    • Min. 5 people – Max. 20.
    • Booking is required (please contact us)
    • We also offer *private tours with professional tour guides in Israel and the West Bank :Jerusalem,Bethlehem,Hebron,Jericho, etc.
    *(Save up to 50% off)
    • We can arrange transportation from any point to Bethlehem.

    Is it really for free?

    Of course it is, but tips are welcome.

    How to get to Bethlehem (Meeting point)?

    The best way to travel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem is by Bus No. 231. you should go to the Arab Bus Station at the Damascus Gate (“Bab el-‘Amoud”) in East Jerusalem. This bus travels to Bethlehem via Beit Jala. The average trip length is 40 minutes and costs 7 Shekels (2USD). The bus will drop you off at the Bethlehem / Beit Jala intersection (“Bab el-Zkak”), which is near Jordan Bank. ( 2 minutes walking to the meeting point ) Please contact us to get the map.

    Is it safe to visit Bethlehem?

    Yes it is. Bethlehem is a peaceful city , over 2 millions visitors visit Bethlehem every year.

    Please feel free to contact us

    Abood Dayyah
    Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp/Viber: +972 598359840
    Phone:+972 527885914

    Best regards
    Free Bethlehem Walking Tours

  10. Hans says:


    My name is Hans. We organize free walking tours in Amsterdam. Is it possible for us to be added to your list?

    This is our website

    Best regards

  11. Hello, can you insert our site in your site? Thanks

  12. Liam Evans says:

    Te best place to organise your tour in Tallinn, as for me, is

  13. Simo says:

    We arrange day tour from Marrakech to High Atlas mountains.
    Would love add to the list “morocco walks” free walking tour service.

    our website:

  14. Marco says:

    New Milan Free Tour is not working anymore, please take off!

  15. Ana says:

    Hi Sofia

    Just to let you know about my free tour website, FREE TOURS IN SEIXAL (piscatory city just across the Tagus river, can be reached from Lisbon in 15min by boat)
    Can you please add it to your website?


  16. Antonio says:

    Hola, os dejo aqui nuestra web de tours en español gratis. Free tour en español en París, Tour gratis en Londres y tour gratis en Berlin a diario todas las ciudades.

  17. Tim Lunshof says:

    Dear sir/mis,

    I really like your site and the idea of a free walking tour. Therefore I started my own free walking tour in Amsterdam. It is called free walking tours Amsterdam.


    Maybe you would like to add this page in your list of free walking tours! Thank you in advance!

    Greetings Tim

  18. Paseos a Pie says:

    Free Walking Tour in São Paulo in Spanish

  19. [...] are free walking tours in more than 100 cities around the world (see list here). In fact, I am one of the cofounders of the Free Sofia Tour. Most people that visit [...]

  20. Hi Everyone! We are a young and independent Association, and we run free walking tours in Venice, Italy. Our tours are flexible, we have different routes and tours can be scheduled sending us a sms, FB message or e-mail.

    Here our website:
    sms: +39 3291814959
    mail: [email protected]

    Check our Facebook page : Free Walk in Venice

  21. Neala Glass says:

    Hi there,

    Would love to add to the list Auckland, New Zealand’s newest free walking tour service

  22. Neala Glass says:

    Hi there,

    Would love add to the list Auckland’s newest free walking tour service


  23. Brent Foster says:

    can you please add Hamburg Free Walking Tours to your list? We offer two free tours here in the beautiful city in both English and German. One at 11 am of the historic city center and on at 2 pm of the harbor and st.Pauli district. We are rated number 1 now on trip advisor here in Hamburg and would be very appreciative if you would add us to your list. Of course, we welcome you to visit our website at or contact us personally to help us get us on your website.
    Thank you very much and best regards,
    Brent Foster

  24. Kassandra says:

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  26. Trevor says:

    Please can you add us to your list of walking tours, we are not the one you have listed.

    thank you

  27. Our tour is missing, please add. thanks in advance – Associazione 360 gradi

  28. Felipe Munoz says:

    Hi! Can you add our free walking tour in Valparaiso TO BE OR NOT TO BE PORTEÑO,

  29. Brent Foster says:

    New free tours in Hamburg, Germany. Be sure not to miss if visiting Hamburg.

  30. Wally says:

    Hi there,

    Can you add for both our tours in Santiago, chile and also in Valparaiso, Chile?


  31. Damien says:

    Can you add our free tour to your list? Free LA Tour – for free tours of the historic downtown of Los Angeles. Thanks

  32. Frog Milano says:

    Hi Guys! We would like to be in your list!
    Frog Free Walking Tour Milan

  33. [...] mai complexe ( boardingarea free tours , triptrotting free tours , priceoftravel free tours ; free walking tours ) la care am mai facut o scurta verificare a site-urilor sa fie functionale si am adaugat tururile [...]

  34. Erik Mensah says:

    Hi There, How can I add my free walking tour in Amsterdam. Its a different company than the New Amsterdam walking tours, I’m The Oranje Umbrella Company!!


  35. Mind The Gap Tours offer some great tours although they are not free, but very reasonable. Their trip advisory reviews are brilliant, not one negative.

  36. [...] Radina was nice, knowledgeable, and made all of the historical facts and timelines entertaining! For a complete list of free walking tours around the world, check out their post on the Sofia Free T…. (They’re the free tour that just keeps giving!) You can also find them on Facebook here, if [...]

  37. Diana says:

    brand new, Constanta, Romania Free Tour –

  38. Hi, How can I join your list of cities with free walking tours.

    Thank you

    Eugenia (Portugal)

  39. Cindy says:

    Hey there, is the Istanbul Free Tour still available?

  40. Sheila says:

    FYI the link on the São Paulo tour no longer exist. There is a new free one in English, they have 4 days a week and 2 nice tours:

  41. Serwery cs says:

    Crackpots will and probably HAVE taken over the Internet. We NEED real scientists and science educators to combat this says Brian Cox

  42. if you let the cream “go bad”, you can make cultured butter with it. cream can sit in the fridge for a few weeks, even, before you get around to making the butter! extra delicious, extra nutritious. i like to add fresh herbs from the garden and salt the butter; then all i need to do it toss a veggie or an egg into the butter and a dish is all set!

  43. Anna says:

    Our St Petersburg Feel Free Tour ( is missing in this list. We do everyday free walking tours in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  44. [...] map of Free Walking Tours Across The World, I copied the worldwide list of free tours from Free Sofia Tour, went through the list of Free Tours, and added each to this Google map. Some of the links were [...]

  45. David says:

    I also do free walking tours of the United States most interesting city…New Orleans…

  46. [...] to tip. No-hassle, no-pressure.” A few of our Spotted by Locals Sofia Spotters initiated the Free Sofia Tour. We joined their tour last year when we were in Sofia, and were impressed by the enthusiasm, [...]

  47. paula says:

    I would like to know if there is any free tour in istambul (can´t see the web page) and where does it start? July 2012

  48. Jana says:

    Yes, the free walking tours are great idea. I have taken part in few. However, you should specify that these tours, rather than free are by donation. The minimum amount of donation is sometimes stated, as was the case of a Cusco tour I took. The guide made it clear that we should donate 10 pesos or more each.
    There are nice way to meet other people and walk in a group, the quality of the tour vary depending on the guide and sometimes on the business sponsorship, I guess. Again, the tour in Cusco took us to visit some bars and clubs – not really of high interest to me, I would have prefer to learn more history and cultural background, but than again, these are ‘free’.
    Hope to try few more to have a more complete experience of them.

  49. Boyko says:

    You are welcome! We will keep updating it, it’s getting more and more impressive with each passing day :)

  50. Klara says:

    The list of free walking tours from all around the world amaze me!!! Thank you for sharing this content :)

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