Many of the iconic communist era monuments in Bulgaria were dismantled after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989. Nevertheless, more than one hundred important monuments built between 1945 and 1989 remain standing. The majority of these sites are not recognized by the state and they remain ownerless. Their exact number is unknown and it is difficult to find information about their authors and their history. Nikola Mihov’s photographic series “Forget Your Past” reveals 14 of the most significant communist era monuments in Bulgaria.

If you have visited the center of Sofia, one of the photos the series will definitely look familiar - Monument 1300 Years Bulgaria built in 1981. Lots of people who have passed by the National Palace of Culture have wondered and asked us what this strange monument is. The public debate concerning its future continues. Should it be demolished or renovated?


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  1. bouyges serge says:

    c’est batiment font parti de votre passé . il faut les gardés c’est votre patrimoine culturel.

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