Free Sofia Tour turns 6 years this week! To celebrate this, we made a list of the 10 countries we’ve had most visitors from. So far we’ve presented to you our #10 Israel#9 Netherlands#8 Italy#7 Australia#6 France#5 Spain, #4 Bulgaria, #3 Germany and #2, United Kingdom.

And finally, today we will tell you 6 interesting facts about our number 1 by guests visits with 10 344 visitors so far –the United States of America!

Fact 1: The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1884. 14011782_1472214679460378_1638095516_n

2: The current American flag was designed by a 17 year old Robert G. Heft, as a school project. He got B-.14017589_1472214742793705_1136300729_n


Fact №3: Russia and America are less than 4 km apart at the nearest point.14009958_1472214756127037_1653568554_n


Fact №4: By law, only dead people can appear on U.S. currency.14009897_1472214716127041_1189608447_n


Fact №5: The state of Alaska is 429 times larger than the state of Rhode Island, but Rhode Island has almost 50% larger population.13989566_1472214749460371_963978098_n


Fact №6: The only royal palace on US soil is in Hawaii!13989631_1472214669460379_317321822_n


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  1. shan says:

    Hi…. your choosing images are very nice to see, thanks for giving such a image.

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