Free Sofia Tour turns 6 years this week! To celebrate this, we made a list of the 10 countries we’ve had most visitors from. So far we’ve presented to you our #10, Israel#9, Netherlands#8, Italy#7, Australia, #6,France and #5, Spain.

Today, we will tell you 6 interesting facts about our number 4 by guests visits with 6133 visitors so far – Bulgaria!


Fact №1: The Cyrillic script was developed in Bulgaria during the 9th century. Now it is used by more than 252million people in the whole world and in more than 50 lanuages.



Fact №2: The monarch’s title Tzar derived from the word for Ceasar and means emperor. The first Tzar in the world was the Bulgarian Tzar Simeon I. The last person that has this title is again a Bulgarian Tzar – Simeon II.


Fact №3: Sofia is the second oldest capital city in Europe and Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities on the continent.



Fact №4: One third of the territory of Bulgaria is forested. One of the oldest trees on the planet lives in the forests of Pirin mountain – Baikushevata Mura, 1300 y.o.



Fact №5: The oldest golden treasure in the whole world was found on the territory of Bulgaria, near Varna. It dates back to the 4th-5th century BC. The total weight of the treasure is 1.5kg of pure gold.



Fact №6: During the WW2  48000 Jewish people were saved. Bulgaria is one of the three countries that managed to save their Jewish population during the war.









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